The return of light

Part 1 – More on the LIGHT INITIATIVE

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Part 1 – More on the LIGHT INITIATIVE


I wish we had more detailed information on the progress of the Initiative. I would like to start by saying that Heru and the other Light Beings are in a very positive and confident mood. They are all projecting an enthusiastic and upbeat energy. This has not always been the case, as I have seen them grim, exhausted, and stressed at times during the worst of the battles. From their perspective, things must be going well.


It appears to us that the clean-up of the Third Dimension, and even of the Second and First Dimensions, is complete. Of course we know that there are plenty of Dark Beings still around, as most Humans still have attachments and so on. My interpretation is that it is the Dark Military in the various Dark and Fallen Races that have infested the levels of the Third Dimension which have been defeated. I believe that the clean-up of individual Humans - i.e. removing attachments, implants, and so on from them - has begun as of January 5, 2006.


Heru told us that the Third Dimension contains twelve levels, and that Humans exist on the second and third levels. He said that even when fighting was occurring on the levels we are on, we might not see it "due to the distortions". This was an enigmatic remark which I did not follow up at the time. Karen, Shakura, and I have all been unable to see the Forces of Light when they were working on our levels. We could see them clairvoyantly, of course, but we had hoped for something more tangible. Shakura reported that at a certain point she realized she had been seeing things out of the corner of her eye, flickers of movement in her peripheral vision, and hadn't paid attention to it. Then we remembered that Heru had mentioned, before the Initiative began, that this is how the Light Beings might be perceived by Humans.


Last week, one of the Light Beings descended all the way from the Twelfth Dimension to the second or third level of the Third Dimension and came into a room where Shakura was sitting. He stood near her and said, "I'm right here." He also touched her hand. She could see him clairvoyantly and could feel the energy of his touch, but could not perceive him with her physical senses. We asked him for an explanation. He stated that we are both existing in the same Dimensional level, but it's as though there is a chunk of this Dimension which has been compressed and is denser. It is a distortion, a compression in the Dimension, and we Humans live in that compressed area. The Higher Beings can see us perfectly, but we cannot see them. He also said that even where he was, the Third Dimension felt very "thick and gluey" to him.


I will call this very dense part of the Third Dimension the "Compression Zone", or "Dense Physicality". Outside of the Compression Zone the Atomic Correction Generators are working, the Light Beings are now able to move around, and so on. Inside this Zone the Atomic Correction has yet to make a dent; we can't reach the Light Beings and they can't reach us. In terms of density, a good analogy would be that the Third Dimension in the Light Sector is like air, here it is like water, and in the Compression Zone it is like ice. We are stuck in the ice, which is what makes our world so very hard to reach and to affect. It is my belief that, prior to the time that the Light Forces entered the Third Dimension, they did not realize the extent of the density here.


A couple of days after this conversation, I went into the God Stone at the Haven and took a very good look at the matter in the Compression Zone. It looked incredibly dense, almost as if it was on the verge of implosion in some places. I called in Prime Creator, Heru, and Shakura, and we found a Program which had been placed by the Dark into the dense physical realm of Earth and which was causing matter to become progressively denser and denser. Once the Program was found, it could be dealt with. This event occurred on January 1st 2006, and I believe the Program is still being removed, as it was very complex and laden with the usual booby traps which had to be dismantled first.


The next day, January 2nd, my Husband John perceived huge armadas of Star Ships, silver to silver-gray in color, moving through the non-compressed areas of the Third Dimension. He said that the Ships appear to be living Beings and that they are Light Ships. They are dropping energy bombs of some sort with the intention of breaking up the distortions and density in this Dimension. Once again, I don't know to what degree these will affect us in the dense physical. Hopefully once the density program is removed, we will start to see changes in that regard.


Back to the progress of the Light Initiative, we believe that the work with the World Leaders and the Media has begun. Heru had hoped that we would see results by the Solstice, but (as stated in a portion of the December Update) he revised that estimate to the second or third week in January. I do not know whether the extreme density problems in our world will be an impediment for this work. It is being done by the Deca-Delta squadrons, which are groups of Angels. They would be working on the Spiritual Aspect of a person so we hope that the density will not be a factor. Possibly it will cause things to move more slowly. I fervently hope that this is not the case.


Shakura and I suggested to Heru that he look into something called an "Atomic Accelerator" which was mentioned in one of the works of St. Germain. It makes sense to me that, if such a thing could be created, it would be helpful - for I believe that the very movement of the atoms and molecules is slowed down in this zone, making it behave something like cold molasses! A task force of the Higher Beings has discussed this idea with St. Germain and is now working on developing something along the lines of an Atomic Acceleration Chamber.


On the night of January 4th, 2006, I helped to hold energy while an enormous group of Higher Beings, led by Prime Creator, attempted to open a small channel into the Compression Zone. The amounts of energy generated and required were staggering. I could hear (via clairaudience) cracking, splitting, and rending sounds as the opening was created. It felt very much like sending an icebreaker into a frozen sea. The atomic correction was then forcibly blasted out from this channel. This group also worked to correct the Permanent Atom of Earth in the dense physical. I am not able to say to what degree this process workedagain, we will just have to wait and see.


To summarize this Section, these are days when many of us teeter between hope and despair, waiting to see some visible proof that the rescue of Earth is in progress. I would like to again quote some words from Heru:


"The path from a degraded planet to a restored planet is such a process. I don't see how we are going to get there but I know we're going to get there, if you know what I mean. I don't see the specific twists and turns on the path to the mountain top to tell you that in three weeks or three months things are going to be different in this or that way. I just know that we will reach that mountain top and we will reach the total restoration of this Planet."


I also have no way of knowing how soon we will see the changes we are all waiting for, but I do see and feel the immense, unwavering determination of Prime Creator and the Forces of Light, that not only this Earth but every Being on it will be fully healed and restored. As Prime Creator once said: whatever it takes, if it takes turning Himself inside out, it will be done.



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