The return of light

Part 4 - Cleaning up the Third Dimension

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Part 4 - Cleaning up the Third Dimension


By December 7th 2005, further progress on the objectives of the Initiative had to be put on the back burner in order that the Light Forces could focus on the clean-up of the Dark Beings and structures on the Third Dimension. On the 8th, Sananda told us: "This is the all-out Armageddon Battle."


On December 9th, 2005, Heru stated:


"The battle is raging very fiercely right now. If you can imagine the Third Dimension being divided into twelve layers, the Light Forces have gone down through to the ninth layer at this point. And you folks are about on the second and third level. I think it's going to take a couple of weeks, which would take us about to the Solstice or a little after. I am hopeful that they can begin the work with the World Leaders by then and that results will be seen early in the New Year."


Elora: Were these battles not anticipated? They've happened every time a Dimension has been cleared.


"I think they didn't realize the complexity, because pretty much as they went down through each of the Higher Dimensions they got the whole Dimension at one time. It wasn't so stratified. And on the Third Dimension each strata has another layer of forces and weapons to go through. So once again it's far more complicated than the Upper Dimensions."


On December 10th, 2005, we asked:


You said that the Light Forces were on the ninth layer of the Third Dimension. As they clear out each level, will they have the ability to move into the lower levels? For example, will they be able to get into the fourth level, just above us?


"Yes, because as things are cleared out, it's almost like they will set detonations of atomic correction on the level below and then they can get into that level. So each level that they clear out will make the preparation for the next level. And they're actually into the eighth layer today."


That's hopeful. You thought the war would be over in about two weeks. Do you think that is realistic given how stratified and complex the Third Dimension is, with each layer having its own enemy races and weapons and so on?


"I think not. I think they went through the ninth very quickly, in a couple of days. Let us give it a couple of days and see how quickly they get through the eighth and the seventh, and then I think we'll have more of an idea."


You said that as the Light Forces clear out each Dimension, they in a sense detonate the Atomic Correction into the next Dimension. Is this something beyond and more powerful than placing the Atomic Correction Generators?


Well, it's more complete. In order for them to effectively move around in the next Dimension below them that is the first step to take in the battle.


So they sort of blast in downwards, so to speak.




By December 13th, 2005, the Light Forces were working through the fifth layer of the Third Dimension. We asked:


What will happen when they have completed the clean-up of the fourth layer, the one directly above us? Will the Light Warriors and God Warriors move into the levels that we call Dense Physicality, the second and third levels and even the first level, and will there be fighting in these levels?
"There will be fighting. As for the Dense Physicality, that would probably be a whole chapter of a book in and of itself, because what you perceive as Third Dimensional Physicality really does not resemble what is natural because of the distortions. So even when these Beings are on the third level they may not always even be seen. They would be seen by some, but they may not be seen by denser Beings. "


But what about when they get to the first or the second level? Isn't the second layer where most Humans reside?


  "Yes, but because of the distortions they still may not be seen. That does not mean that they won't have an effect. "


They could be here fighting and we might not even see them?


"Yes. But I believe you [personally] would see them. "


Elora: So the War still has to go through the fourth, third, second, and first levels. "Yes."


As they go through each layer of theTthird Dimension, are they doing a very thorough cleanup, or only a partial one that could leave a lot of pockets of resistance?


"I wouldn't say a lot of pockets but there are some pockets of resistance remaining, that they will get back to later."


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