The return of light

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Part 2 - The Plan


As stated above, we cannot yet give full details of the Light Initiative. What we can say is as follows. First, the Third Dimension is not homogeneous, rather it is composed of twelve "layers" or levels. Just as Beings in the Seventh or Eighth Dimension are invisible to us, for example, Beings inhabiting the upper layers of the Third Dimension would also be invisible to our eyes. In addition, the Third Dimension as a whole has been cut off from the other Dimensions by a particularly dense set of Frequency Barriers.


In order to penetrate these Barriers, the Light Forces created a ship somewhat like a rocket. This rocket is made of the material from the Light Warrior Creation, being sharper and harder than anything in this Creation. Heru, Sekhmet, and an Aspect of Prime Creator launched this ship and were carried within it, to arrive on the upper levels of the Third Dimension during the early morning hours of November 19th 2005 They established a base, the location of which is not to be revealed at this time.


Once a large hole had been cut through the Frequency Barriers surrounding Earth, other Light Beings could enter. Vast numbers of Light Warriors, God Warriors, Angels, and Archangels poured through the entry point that had been created and took up stations on the higher levels of the Third Dimension. These Beings are still too high above us, Dimensionally speaking, to be visible to our eyes. However, we are assured that they are here. We have seen some of them etherically and have noted that they were denser than other Higher Dimensional Beings we've encountered.


The first priority of the Light Forces was to place large numbers of Atomic Correction Generators all over the Planet, as well as in certain strategic places. Thus far, though the Atomic Correction had been quite effective on the Higher Dimensions, it had barely reached the Third. Heru has spoken previously of the importance of correcting the Atomic Distortions which have affected all matter in the Fallen Sector, particularly on the Lower Dimensions. When asked about the rescue of Third Dimensional Earth, he had told us:


"All this is going to be dependent on our making that breakthrough to the sub-atomic structure. Once we can break through we can do anything. We have the Forces, we have the numbers, we have the power to do it. And it will happen everywhere at once, once we can make this breakthrough. This is really the key."


When asked about problems of pollution, over- population, and so on, he responded:


"Once this Planet has open Portals, dialogue, and so on, those problems can be easily corrected. Populations can be moved to less populous areas off planet, and the technology does exist to clean everything that has been polluted and distorted. So it's really those first Barriers that we are dealing with. Once those Barriers come down, once the Atomic Structure has been corrected, once the doors are open, all of that can be accomplished with relative ease and speed."


Returning to the Atomic Correction Generators, the small ones are continually broadcasting the Atomic Correction, beginning the process of bringing that Correction to Third Dimensional Earth. Prime Creator also took a very large Generator and brought it to the center of our Olanet, from which point it is broadcasting this energy to all points in our world. Sananda explained:


"Essentially he will present one to Gaia and will set it up in the center of the Earth. At that point the Correction will begin to radiate out from the center of the Earth so as to affect everyone equally. So there will be many small ones on the surface of the Earth and then one large one in the center of the Earth. As the vibrations from all these begin to meet and merge the density will begin to break up."


The second priority in this Light Initiative was to ensure the safety of our Planet. We cannot give further details at this time or answer questions on this subject, except to say that this task has been completed.


The third priority of the Light Initiative will be to work on the Government Leaders and the Media. Heru stated that vast numbers of the Deca-Delta squadrons will be released to target these people. The Deca-Delta squadrons are groups, each composed of ten Angels, who are able to remove Darkness from any Being and turn that Being back to the Light. Heru told us that it would ultimately become as though the Political Leaders and Media had taken truth serum. He said:


"They will be targeting not just the Political Leaders but the Controllers-behind the Leaders, the people who have the hidden wealth, the Illuminati on the Third Dimension. [Once this takes effect], it will not happen all at once but you will see people begin to say things they didn't mean to say, in short bursts, and then sort of clam up and regain their self control. And then those facades will increasingly disintegrate, and increasingly the truth will be told."


Elora: How long do you think it will be before these involuntary disclosures will become really major, like speaking about the Chemtrails or 9/11 or whatever?


"It will start with smaller things. Things in a sense will shut down during the holidays, not much work in the Government and such will happen. So I'm thinking that by the second or third week in January it will be very apparent that the Ruling Government in this country is illegitimate and will be moving towards a point of dissolution."


Again, there may be further delays, but I believe we will see some effects in January. When the full effect of this work is seen, it is expected that the governments will come to a screeching halt and there will be transfers of power. To quote Heru again:


"At that point we will begin to manifest to the Leaders and ask them to step aside and resign their posts. How they will do that we cannot foresee. We assume that most of them will refuse. They and their minions will at that point be rendered incapable of action. There will be some external chaos, though it will be more talk than riots or anything of that nature. We look for it to take some weeks to fully implement the incapacitation of the Leaders who are puppets of the Illuminati. There are, in every government, Beings of Light prepared to step forward and take Leadership roles. I look for the possibility of both the 2004 and 2000 Elections in the US being declared null and void. Karen tells me there is talk that the Government Accounting Office within the Government of America has come out with a study saying the 2004 Election was fraudulent and that the Ohio results were rigged. And action will begin to be taken on that."


The fourth step of the Initiative will be the Mass Landings of the Positive ET's. When we asked Heru about this, he responded:


"They will come soon. They will come after the Governments have been disabled. Once the Governments have been rendered ineffective they will begin to appear."


Heru's initial projection was that the Initiative would take one to three months to establish, worldwide, and that the Positive ET's could possibly land within that time period. During that time he forecast that the Chemtrails and other outrages against Earth and Humanity would stop. It may be necessary to extend that original projection somewhat, as the Light Forces have met with various difficulties and delays.


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