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With this Update we announce that the rescue of Third Dimensional Earth has begun. It will probably take some weeks before this becomes apparent to those of us living here, however the Forces of Light are in motion. Due to security considerations, we are not able to share all of the information we have been given at this time. We should be able to give fuller details in January 2006.


Part 1 - Petitioning for The Initiative


As we have repeatedly discussed in our Updates, Earth is one of last places in this Universe to be liberated. Despite miraculous changes on the Higher Dimensions, up until now we have received no real relief in this Physical Realm.


Last spring Heru spoke of the taking down of the Illuminati, the negative controllers of Earth, on the Fourth Dimensions and up. In April, he stated: "Within a very short period of time you will begin to see the entrenched power structure that controls the finances, the war machines, and the politics of your World, shake and collapse like a tower of Babel." At that time he believed these events would begin to occur in the Fall. Later, he pinpointed the time that we would begin to see cracks in the power structures as late Fall, or "by the solstice" [i.e. by December 21. ] We have already seen these predictions beginning to happen with the continuing and escalating exposure of corruption in the Bush regime.


However, for those of us enduring physical life on this Planet, we felt that these changes were still occurring too slowly - that if we did not receive radical assistance soon, it would be too late for a great many Beings. We also felt that damage to the biosphere was increasing exponentially. We placed all of this before Heru during the first week of November. Heru responded by stating that he would convene a Council at the Haven on Saturday, November 5. We were invited to attend to represent Earth. At that meeting, Karen and I each stood before the many thousands of Light Beings gathered there and made an impassioned plea for Earth. We called for immediate assistance for Earth and all of her Life Forms.


After we had spoken, Heru stated that everyone in the Council was in agreement with our request. He made a short, stirring speech which unfortunately we were not able to record in full. Below is the substance of his words, paraphrased from my notes.


"Within two weeks we will launch an Invasion of Light and begin to implement programs of Light and Healing into the Third Dimension. This will require a concerted and coordinated effort. We will bring the Atomic Correction with us when we come, and we will manifest the Atomic Correction. Sekhmet and I will lead this initiative; we will be the vanguard.


"We will prepare to begin to march within two weeks. We are embarking upon a Great Rescue. There are countless numbers of Beings assembled waiting for the right time, and this is the time. This is the last of the Great Battles. Our victory is assured. And when we meet again, it will be on the Third Dimension of Earth. We will bring the Extra-Terrestrials and the Ultra-Terrestrials and the Mass Landings will begin.


"The time is now. It has begun."


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