The return of light

Elora: Please give us some information on the Galactic Federation.   Heru

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Elora: Please give us some information on the Galactic Federation.


Heru: The Galactic Federation is a body of many ET's, the Leaders of which are Ninth Dimensional Beings, but they encompass Beings from the Ninth down through to the Fifth Dimension. And their mission has been to work towards liberating the Earth from the Dark Forces. They have worked towards this for many centuries, setting things in place, infiltrating when they can in small areas.


Elora: How is the Ashtar Command related to the Galactic Federation?


Heru: The Ashtar Command is a wing of the Galactic Federation.


Elora: One that more closely concerns Earth? Yes.


Elora: You stated earlier that the Negative ET's, such as the Greys and the Dracos, are Races created by Fallen Creator Gods. We know that the Greys in particular have been responsible for millions of abductions of Humans who were used in their genetics programs. What is the current status of the Negative ET's? Have most of them been captured?


Heru: Yes, I would say upwards of 80% of them have been captured. It has not been formulated what would be done with them, so they are being held in an area. Work is being done, negotiations are being made and some experiments are being done on whether it is possible to uplift their vibration to where they are able to be integrated into the rest of the Fallen Sector as it returns to Light.


Elora: They do have souls, do they not? Yes.


Elora: Couldn't those souls be worked with, and then incarnated into Human type bodies? It is believed something of that nature will happen, yes.


Elora: Regarding the capture of the Negative ET's: Does this mean that people who have suffered from abductions, including repeated abductions, will now be free from this?


Heru: The abductions are diminished quite significantly in the last year.


Elora: And will ultimately stop? Yes.


Elora: I have heard a good deal about the E.T. Underground Bases on Earth, such as those in the vicinity of Dulce, New Mexico. It is believed that these bases are staffed by Beings such as the Greys, Dracos, and other Negative ET's, and run by them in conjunction with the Illuminati. There are people who have gone into these Bases and lived to tell - and they have seen these ET's present in dense physical form. What is the status of the E.T. Underground Bases at the present time?


Heru: They are still intact; the ET's that are there have not been captured. Of those who have left there to travel outside the Earth's atmosphere, many of them have been captured. So they are in a hunker-down mode, trying to stay sheltered from the Light Beings. Also one thing that has happened is the communication and flow of supplies and so on to the Bases has been cut off. The Beings there are isolated and in a state of fear and panic - they know that their days are numbered.


Elora: Is it correct that there was a major attempt on the part of the Dracos and others to capture Earth in the Fall of 1997? Yes, it is true.


Elora: That completes our questions for today, Heru. Thank you for this information.


Heru: My love and my blessings to all of you.




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