The return of light

Heru: As time goes by it will seem less and less so.   Ankur

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Heru: As time goes by it will seem less and less so.


Ankur: Who are the Starseeds? Are they part of the Light Worker group mentioned in the book? Three years ago, a psychic mentioned that I was a Starseed. I once had a dream about Starseeds, then woke up to see "9: 11" on the clock.


Heru: Yes, Starseeds are beings who have come to this world from other worlds. And that would encompass all of the Light Workers. There are actually not that many native Earthlings; almost everyone has come here from somewhere else. So in essence just about everyone here is a Starseed. Not everyone here came in that wave of Beings who came to help when the Fall happened. Some came before, some came after. Very few came after, but some did.


Ankur: It is said that there is on Karma in a Light Universe, and that Karma is a kind of poisonous pill that one takes when living in the Fallen Universes. But then who are the so-called Lords of Karma? Do they manage the Karmic system? And if so, and if Karma is a creation of the Dark, then aren't the Lords of Karma serving the Dark side? Please forgive my ignorance in this matter.


Heru: There were great battles when the Dark first invaded for control of these Sectors and there were some uneasy truces and agreements that were made. One of them was this whole concept of Karma, because it was seen that a person couldn't rape, pillage, and burn in this Dark Sector, and energetically be able to cross over into the Light Sector as if nothing had happened. So one of the uneasy truces and agreements that was made between the Light and Dark was set up to be a check and balance on all of that. The Lords of Karma were brought in as neutral mediators on this. Now whether they have in truth remained neutral is another issue. Therefore Karma is an effect of the Dark, but the whole system of balancing or releasing Karma was put in play by both sides. It has not always really best worked to serve the Light because basically once a person is entrapped in the wheel of Karma they don't ever get out.


Ankur: Have the Lords of Karma remained neutral? I have worked with them and they seemed very loving. Also there have been many times during our work on various issues where it has been suggested that we bring them in .


Heru: . I think they are basically Light oriented and neutral, but they perhaps have distortions. I'm sure scanning needs to be done on them as well as on everyone else. My fundamental feeling is that the whole system needs to be dismantled. I don't like it.


Elora: This completes our Reader questions, and now Iwould like to pose some further queries. Please give us an update on the rest of the Fallen Universes. How are they doing compared to this Universe?


Heru: Roughly everyone is in about the same place. There are a few, maybe less than 1%, that are significantly ahead of what is happening in this Universe, and maybe 10-12% are lagging in any kind of significant way behind where this Universe is. But overall they are fairly evenly bunched together in what is happening.


Elora: I have a question on what is called the Schumann Resonance. I have a paragraph here which summarizes this phenomenon:


The Schumann Resonance is a measure of the vibration rate of the Earth, more specifically a measurement of naturally circulating rhythmic signals in the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere. These frequencies are thought to have a profound effect on all life on the Planet. One writer stated: The frequencies of naturally occurring electromagnetic signals, circulating in the electrically resonant cavity bounded by the Earth and the Ionosphere, have governed or determined the 'evolution' or development of the frequencies of operation of the principal Human brain-wave signals. In particular, the Alpha rhythm is so placed that it can in no circumstances suffer an extensive interference from naturally occurring signals.


From the time it was first recorded, the Schumann Resonance was stable at 7.8 cycles per second. Recently it has been rising. There is controversy about this, but recent reports from some quarters have set the rate at over 11 cycles and climbing.


Some people say that this is the negative effect of the disruption of the Ionosphere by massive ELF from the surface, as well as from the installation called HAARP, and that the rising of the Schumann Resonance is very dangerous and potentially disastrous, that this adversely affects the brainwaves of Humans and other life forms and so on. Others say that the rise in this frequency corresponds with the rise in Human consciousness, and that when it reaches 13.0, the Planet will reach what is termed "zero point" and take a great evolutionary leap forward. What is the truth of this matter?


Heru: It is more complicated than just an either/or. First I would like to say that regarding the second theory, that the rise in the Schumann Resonance represents or creates a rise in consciousness, I would want to dispute that. If you look at the overall vibrational level of Humans on this Planet, it is currently still descending rather than ascending. Humans are in a very stark state of misery and fear and are very shut down. And this intensifies the more they are urbanized. I'm thinking of this in the Third World countries as people leave their farms, leave the earth, and go into the mega cities where they are living in poverty cut off from the earth. This is a further degradation of their net awareness. What more can I say on this? It is inevitable that the Schumann Resonance will rise. It is in part the technologies that you have listed, but it is also a necessary component in the transformation of the Planet. So I can't say that it is either harmful or beneficial. It just is at this point, and it will continue to rise. Once the Earth has gone through its Changes, it will drop back to a more harmonious and restful vibrational level.


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