The return of light

Part 2 - Heru's Update for November 2005

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Part 2 - Heru's Update for November 2005


Elora: We know that there is perfect genetic material stored within a secret chamber in the Earth - that which was brought here from the Godverse in order that the corrupted genetics of life forms of Earth can be corrected. When is this going to occur? When will this material be brought forth and used?


Heru: When it is safe. I can't give a time more than within a very few years. I would think certainly within five years there will be the beginnings of the release of this material.


Elora: Now we have some Reader questions from someone who has recently read The Return of Ught. The following questions were submitted by Ankur Patel. Ankur, thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful queries!


Ankur: I do not fully understand the part about the Aspects. According to other esoteric material I've read, I learned that in addition to our Physical bodies, we also have Astral bodies, Mental bodies, etc. So is my Astral body an autonomous Aspect with a life of its own? If so, then how is Astral projection possible? I’m sure there is something I do not understand correctly.


Heru: These are two separate things - the Dimensional ladder with the Aspects, and the subtle bodies like the Astral body and so on. Everyone that has a Third Dimensional body has an Astral body, but everybody does not have an Aspect on the Fourth Dimension. So the two can exist simultaneously [i.e. the Astral body and a Fourth Dimensional Aspect] but they actually have very little to do with each other. When a person is in the Astral body in their dream time they are not in the body of their 4D Aspect [assuming that there is one.]


Ankur: Since the battle is now being fought mostly in the Fourth Dimension, is it safe to do Astral projection work or should one wait until 2007 after the battle for Earth is complete?


Heru: That will vary from individual to individual. People carry with them greater and lesser degrees of protection. People carry with them implants and Dark programs that would attract Darkness in some cases more than others. If an individual has been doing Astral travel and feels safe doing it they may continue, for that would be an indication that they have sufficient protection around them to avoid any of the pitfalls that happen with that work. If a person tends to be attacked or implanted by the Dark, or has frightening dreams or sees ghosts - any of those negative things that happen on the Fourth Dimension - then that person should steer clear of that and seek other ways of meditation and other ways of travel. There are other ways of travel on the Inner world other than Astral projection.


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