The return of light

Elora: Will this Landing be covered up by the media?   Sananda

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Elora: Will this Landing be covered up by the media?


Sananda: I think there will be an attempt from the mainstream media to discount, discredit, disregard and ignore it. But it will bleed through because there will be so many worldwide.


Elora: The last month or so has brought some terrible tragedies to Earth. We had Hurricane Katrina which struck New Orleans, and then a devastating earthquake on the India/Pakistani border. How can we make sense of such tragedies in this time?


Sananda: This Planet was created as a most valuable gem, one of the Twelve Bio-libraries in this Universe. It is highly sought-after territory and the focus for the last of the great battles between the Light and the Dark. As the Forces of Light and Dark tug, push and pull and fight for control, the Planet itself cannot help but shake and convulse. You will notice at times that some of the areas of greatest convulsion are areas of disputed borders or autonomy. Some of these are Indonesia and the Hindu Kush Mountains of Kashmir (the disputed borders of Pakistan).


There has been much prayer and effort to lesson the degree of trauma and misery on this Planet. Control is being wrested from the Dark, and while it has been lessened considerably, it may appear to the Readers that things are terrible beyond enduring - and they are for many. However, it is not as bad as it would have been without the many prayers for the last twenty or so years and the work that has been done by the Light Workers on this Planet. You are all to be commended on your work. You have perhaps cut the terrible disasters of this time period in half, and the worst of it should be over with some time in 2007.


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