The return of light

Elora: There was no way for the Light to fully penetrate until now?   Sananda

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Elora: There was no way for the Light to fully penetrate until now?


Sananda: When the Omniversal Energy came in last year, most of it did not get through. It was deflected, but the little that did come through had a great impact. As the Fourth Dimension continues to get cleaned up, greater amounts of Light will penetrate.            


Elora: We notice that things are still as bad as ever here on Earth.


Sananda: Two things will be happening. Perhaps the first will be the most dramatic, and that is if you can imagine shining a light into a nest of roaches. The more Light that comes, the more the Dark will be revealed. And there is so much to be revealed. Many people still refuse to acknowledge the extent of the Darkness. But as the extent of the corruption that is in the governing bodies of this Planet is uncovered, and the extent to which they have no one's interest in their heart but their own selfish greed is revealed, things will be begin to change. It will take a little while longer before the critical mass is to happen, although the house of cards is beginning to crumble as we speak.


Elora: Heru stated that the big changes, such as the crumbling of the negative power structures of Earth, would start to be visible by the Winter Solstice. Do you agree with this timing?


Sananda: Yes, and actually right now this month is a pivotal time. Karen informs me there may be more indictments against government officials. The climate is changing rapidly and the tide is turning against those in power. Between now and January there will be significant resignations.


One thing I would like to talk about is the mood in the US. It is as if the blow from Hurricane Katrina has wounded the psyche of this Country deeply and made people connect it emotionally with the blow of 9/11. There is feeling amongst the people that these may have been fatal blows. And so there is a growing sense of national despair in regards to the identity people have with nationhood. For some people it is very deep, for this is very painful process. For some people their sense of self worth and pride comes from living in a nation or a city that they can call number one, just as they would wish their college team to be number one. And for those people this is an extremely painful process. [Elora: Is it their competitive nature?] It is that, and it is perhaps a state of maturity. I think that many of the readers will have a somewhat more evolved sense of self that does not depend on flag or group identity. But I want the readers to understand how most people of this world, through feelings of inadequacy, will attach themselves to groups for security and status. And as this breaks down much anguish and fear will occur.


Elora: One of our Readers asks; What will happen after the Battle in September [in other words, the battle to clean up the 4th Dimension]? Will we see the exposure of the Secret Government and the dynastic rule of the Bush Family? Will citizens move away from Republican and Democratic Parties? Will they begin to embrace Independent Parties and Progressive Parties like Greenpeace?


Sananda: Basically, the answer is yes to the all of the above. I don't know specifically about Greenpeace, but there will be a lot more activity in the US. There are the beginnings of a lot of grass roots efforts and up until this time, basically they have been monolithically ignored by the media and governments in power. In the year 2006 this will no longer be possible.


Elora: I know that tentative plans were laid to have a Public Landing of the positive ET's in November. Is this landing still planned for that month?


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