The return of light

Elora: Why are these Beings from the Older Universes the finest and brightest souls? Are we just older?   Heru

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Elora: Why are these Beings from the Older Universes the finest and brightest souls? Are we just older?


Heru: Well, that's perhaps a qualitative judgment on my part, a preference on my part. It's maybe not fair of me to say finer and brighter, but they are among my favorites. [Elora: What would be the difference between one of these Beings and one from an outer Universe?] It would be like the difference between an ancient wise tree and a young sapling.


Elora: Please give some further information about the particular aspect of this work that has made Earth so important - that of selecting twelve critical planets and seeding perfect genetic material into them.


Heru: That was seen as part of the Rescue Mission, as it was seen that the genetics of the Fallen Universes had been corrupted and damaged. At that time, it was not known that the Forces of Darkness were so adamantly bent on destruction and control. It was thought that they were wayward and were innocently damaging the Creation, not through evil intent but just through being in an inharmonious state. It was not seen to be a consciously driven attempt at destruction, more a byproduct of their flawed nature. Therefore it was felt that if perfect genetic material could be re-introduced into the Fallen Universes, then their genetics and their blueprints could be corrected.


The further that you get from the Godverse, the Center of the Universes, the more and more flaws and divergence you get from the original, perfected blueprint of life. Therefore the Universes that are furthest from the Godverse are the ones where these flaws have multiplied and magnified. It's similar to the way that DNA will form new cells, but as it multiplies hundreds and thousands of times, flaws develop and then perpetuate themselves and increase. What you and your group did was to take original material from the divine blueprint, material taken from very near the center of things, and bring it way out to the edge of Creation, to this critical point which is Earth. These critical planets were carefully chosen as they form a grid within the Universe. In each of the outer Universes, in fact some of the closer in ones as well, there has been this embedding of key points. In the Fallen Universes they have been fought over greatly and have been the source of many of the wars, because control of these key points means control of the Light coming in.


However the original flaws in the outer Universes would have been easily corrected, had not the Dark Forces taken advantage of them to damage, corrupt, and destroy the genetics and blueprints in the Fallen Universes.


One of the most damaging results of the Invasion was the fall or taking down of some of the Creator Gods. For each universe is created by a Being or Beings. Therefore as the Creator Gods were corrupted, what they brought forth was faulty DNA and faulty structures and so on. For what is not created in Light is an abomination. The fallen Creator Gods created Universes which are almost entirely Dark and devoid of Light.


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