The return of light

Elora: Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?   Heru

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Elora: Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?


Heru: Dear readers: In this coming few months the atmosphere on your Planet and in the media will become frightening and shrill. Please understand that the fear that is being whipped up into a giant froth is artificially created to achieve the continued control and disempowerment of Humanity. Please do not succumb to this fear. Connect instead to the power in your hearts, and to the rejoicing in your soul that is the promise of certain victory by the Forces of Light. I would see metaphorically - and this is not a predication of anything physical, but where one would be in the Spirit Realm - people taking psychic shelter in caves, with warm candles and sleeping bags, and gathering close with families, surrounding themselves with a few well worn sacred books, and just having quiet time. A time away from the media, a time to be still, to go inside, and to wait until this brown muddy foamy froth is washed away by the Light.


So please do not immerse yourself in the fear mongering and the rumors of war. For embedded in the media are many subliminal controlling images designed to keep you from your own true power. Therefore create peace in your hearts, and enjoy that peace. And as you do, it will radiate out from you. As you walk through this world, maintaining the shelter in your hearts, hold the promise of victory, hold the promise of peace, hold the promise of hope and of Divine Love. It is not hard to do. The image that I am getting is of a city under siege with the bombs falling, and the camaraderie and sharing that comes in the shelters where the people know that they are safe, even though there is much destruction around them. Hold on to that faith in your safety. No harm will come to you. This battle will be brief but very intense. And we will be with you in those shelters, in the shelter of your heart.


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