The return of light

Elora: Even before the explosion were to happen?   Heru

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Elora: Even before the explosion were to happen?


Heru: Yes. And this has happened, where weapons were attempted to be launched and have failed. Had there not been any intervention, your Planet would be a highly radioactive planet at this time.


Elora: Do the positive ET's play a role here as well?


Heru: Absolutely. This has been covered fairly extensively by the work of Dr. Steven Greer.


Elora: What is the state of things in our Universe at present, now that this phase of the War is winding down?


Heru: It will be a lengthy process to heal. There are many Beings that, as you know, have come to restore and that Restoration is beginning. But when you look across the Universe - and I don't know if you wish a vision of it, it's not pretty - there has been a lot of destruction, there is a lot of wasteland out there that is now in control of the Light. And the primary triage is going to be where the greatest suffering is, in the areas that we can get to. Of course we cannot directly get to Earth yet but there are hospitals set up for the people on the many Dimensions who have been liberated, and there are also Animal Hospitals. The Plant Kingdoms have not been dealt with yet. But currently these areas I mentioned are where the greatest effort is going into triage. And once things are stabilized, then work will begin in the many worlds for the reclamation of ecosystems, life forms, and environments, to bring them back to their original quality. This will take some time. [Elora: And the Breath of God will help, won't it?] Yes, it will help.


Elora: We know that, as a safety precaution, the God Stones at the Haven were shut down and the Portals back to the Light Universes were closed. Have these been re-opened yet?


Heru: Not yet. They will be reopened after the September battle [i.e. the impending battle to clean up the Fourth Dimensions of Earth].


Elora: One of the Archangels recently stated to us: "The focus is, at this point, zeroing in on this Planet. Earth will end up being a fulcrum of all the activity and everything that is going on, the turning point of everything, of the work that we are doing." Would you please elaborate on this, and explain what it means both to us on Earth and to the larger picture?


Heru: It is the madness of the Dark that it believes in its own invincibility, that it believes it can still win. And so the Dark is fighting as if in some unimaginable way, if they could pull off a victory on this Planet, they then could take over this entire Universe and this entire Sector. So they are fighting from that perspective. For them, this is Armageddon. For us, the Light Forces, most of the battles have been won. The most diverse and precious and critical planets in this Universe have yet to be liberated. We know, with full confidence, that they will be. For you Humans, there is the combined angst of the isolation that this Planet has been under, and the fact that this, for the Dark, is their last battle. And they are portraying it as universal Armageddon when it is not. Because you Humans are completely isolated, it looks to you to be total Armageddon and the End of the World, the end of life, the end of everything. And it is not. But creating this fear helps the Dark to keep Humans disempowered and helps them in their battle. They have skewed the perspective to further their delusional dreams. And they think that - well, they are just insane. I don't want to detail what they think because it's not worth writing out.


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