The return of light

Elora: It was a wonderful thing when it was here.   Heru

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Elora: It was a wonderful thing when it was here.


Heru: Indeed it was a wonderful thing, and there is still a small part of it coming in, a fraction.


Elora: Regarding the battle to clean up the Fourth Dimension, will this be local to Earth and the other Critical Planets?


Heru: Yes, and a few other spots in this Universe, but not much.


Elora: So for the Universe at large, are the Lower Dimensions pretty clear of Darkness, even including the Third?


Heru: It is very mixed. In places yes, in places no. There are some sort of tentacles and spider webbing around.


Elora: With the cleanup of the Fourth Dimension around Earth, do you expect this to be a conflict of the same intensity as the one that is wrapping up now?


Heru: More so. More so for you, for Humans, and it will manifest on the Third Dimension as an increase in mostly hostile rhetoric. I do not see a great increase in overt action, but there will be an escalation in rhetorical conflict with a feeling of the hair trigger, that war could break out at any moment and so on. But the actual events will not be quite as explosive as the rhetoric is. It may, in fact, look like the entire Planet is on the brink of nuclear war, but it will not happen. But the rhetoric towards that will be there, the spiraling thoughts will be there.


Elora: Given that the Higher Beings still have very little ability to affect the Third Dimension, how can you be certain that the Forces of Light can control events to this degree?


Heru: Nuclear weapons are something that transcend the Third Dimension. When a blast happens, it creates a hole through all the Dimensions right up into the Ninth or Tenth Dimension. Because of that, it is also possible for the Forces of Light to penetrate deeper into the Third Dimension and effect change. It's almost as if the explosion exists on all those Dimensions, and because it exists all those Dimensions it can be affected on the Third by Higher Dimensional Beings.


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