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Elora: Michello, what decisions, if any, have been made about scanning Light Beings for distortions?   Archangel Michello

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Elora: Michello, what decisions, if any, have been made about scanning Light Beings for distortions?


Archangel Michello: It has been quite a lively debate - that would be to understate what has been going on. All will be scanned. There was a great deal of fear that people would be losing jobs and losing face. There is a Council to review the scans and review the severity and depth of any distortions, and the findings of that Council on an individual will remain private. The therapists that will be employed to correct any issues have what is similar in your world to client confidentiality in place, and the necessary steps to rectify any individual's problems will be addressed. The only time Beings would be deemed unfit for service would be if they were to refuse to be scanned or refused to undergo treatment. So this was satisfactory, that people would not have their distortions paraded around in front of each other for gossip and so on. Also, part of the way that the distortions and the Darkness work are to blame oneself for the distortions. I don't want to call it ego because ego has a more negative connotation than I want to convey, but throughout the Hierarchies there has been that sense of shame and wanting to hide these distortions. So this is a great breakthrough, to have addressed this issue and to have a Council formed to work with all of this.


[Elora:] I would like to comment here that, from my point of view, all Beings who have endured the Dark Sector have issues and distortions. It is only a matter of degree, and if we can accept this fact there will be no need for shame. In any case, the scannings began on the Higher Dimensions began in early July. Remember that time moves differently here, so I would guess that on the Higher Dimensions this process was still in its early stages when, in late July, a group of five Beings were scanned and found to be Dark. At first it was thought that they were only partially Dark, but a closer look found them to be almost entirely Dark. These five were unknown on Earth, but all held positions of great power and responsibility and were thought to be entirely above suspicion. Shock waves rolled through the Hierarchies of Light. The implications were extremely serious, because these Beings were privy to a great deal of very high level information and had been acting as spies for the Dark. But even at that time, the full extent of the “Fifth Column” which had existed within the Forces of Light was not suspected.


Another factor which enters here is the fact that in late July, Creator made a sudden decision to release the Breath of God far sooner than had been anticipated, in hopes that the vast amounts of healing needed everywhere would be accomplished more quickly. The Breath of God appeared like a gigantic golden wave of pure Divine Energy which poured out of the Godverse. It reached our Planet at 2:20 PM Eastern time on Sunday, July 30, 2005. Shakura and I had seen it coming, and made a point to be on the phone when it hit. For us it was like a lovely wash of healing energy and euphoria. But for the Higher Dimensional Beings this Energy had a much stronger effect. We watched as the Archangels, Creator Gods, Ascended Masters, and Aspects of Creator were plunged into immediate rapture and then proceeded to fall into a kind of divine intoxication. The Breath of God brought to everyone a sense of well-being and safety, especially because some Dark Beings were observed being blown out of their bodies, while many others, only partially Dark, were robbed of all strength to do their evil deeds. By Sunday night the Forces of Light were essentially asleep in a state of bliss. With the entry of the Breath of God, the Victory of Light seemed complete. However, by Monday morning, August 1st, we became aware that war was raging again and that the Forces of Light, dazed and in disarray, were desperately trying to regroup. On August 23, 2005, we had the following conversation with Heru:


Elora: Heru, we are preparing an Update, and we would like some information on the War which started on August 1 and is now winding down. Please tell us how this came about. We were shocked that such an intense war could occur when it had been stated that over 95% of our Universe was under the control of the Light Forces, and that the Darkness existed only in isolated pockets which were all guarded and quarantined.


Heru: This Planet is one of the focal points and one of the last hold - outs where the Dark is marshalling its last defenses. So even though vast areas of this Universe are in the control of the Forces of Light, for you it is as if nothing has changed, for this Planet is still in the grip of the Dark Forces. Therefore the battle being waged, ultimately, will be for the control of this Planet. Those Beings who have remained Dark are fighting for their lives and will not give up until the last one is captured.


Elora: Are you saying that this recent battle was basically around Earth, or the Twelve Critical Planets, and not affecting the whole Universe or whole Dark Sector?




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