The return of light

Sananda: This may be the solution to that.   [Elora

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Sananda: This may be the solution to that.


[Elora:] When a very powerful Being, such as a Creator God, has become Dark, the conversion back to Light is not so easy, even with the Deca-Delta squadrons. However, a vast number of these squadrons have now formed, and many Beings have been returned to their rightful estate.


Part 2: Triumphs and Tragedies


By late July of 2005, all of the Beings which Creator had made in order to carry on the War against Darkness had arrived, countless in number. These included all seven Waves of Light Warriors. Creator's Plan, at that point, was to deploy massive numbers of Light Warriors and God Warriors to clear the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, once the Atomic Correction had made some headway in lessening the density for those areas. This was tentatively planned to begin in the middle of August.


Meanwhile, other forces were at work. Back in June, several apparently Light Beings had been discovered in questionable activities. Upon examination they were found to be partially Dark. It was proposed that all Beings in the Light Forces should be scanned to determine if they were, in fact, fully Light or not. Scanning would also reveal distortions within a Being, meaning issues or disharmonies of one type or another which, if not dealt with, could eventually result in that Being turning to the Dark. For scanning purposes, it was recommended to employ Archangel Seers who were newly arrived from the Light Universes and therefore whose integrity could not be suspect. We were surprised at the intensity of the debate ignited by this proposal. As events later proved, many of those who argued against the idea of universal scanning had very good reasons for doing so. On July 1, we spoke to Michello, one of the new Archangel collective which has come to take on some of the burdens of our beloved Archangel Michael.


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