The return of light

Elora: Please say more about these Squadrons.   Sananda

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Elora: Please say more about these Squadrons.


Sananda: They are called the Deca-Delta Squadrons. Each one would have their own name, and the one Karen knows is the Alpha Omega Squadron. Heru says several thousand have been released into this Universe. And that is their purpose - to return Beings to the Light. They will not work with the Filaments or damaged or lost individualized Aspects, but they are specifically for the Dark individualized Aspects or really any Dark Being whose Free Will has been subjugated by the Dark.


Elora: This is only for Higher Dimensional Beings right now though? Not necessarily.


Elora: So what do we do? Just call them and ask them to work on a person's Dark aspects, for example?


Sananda: There are ten of them in each group. They will surround a Being, such as a Dark Higher Dimensional individualized Aspect of a Human, and they have what looks to be a small wand with little knobs on it. They would aim this wand at that Being, and essentially zap it and restore that Being's Free Will.


Elora: If a Being's Free Will is restored, will he or she then become Light?


Sananda: Yes. Free Will is true free will/choice. It is automatically Light, it is part of the Creator.


Elora: What does this mean for the Beings who have been refusing to convert to Light? Beings who might have made the choice to be melted down because they wouldn't accept the Light?


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