The return of light

Elora: Have many of us attempted to return home, and have we been unable to do so?   Heru

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Elora: Have many of us attempted to return home, and have we been unable to do so?


Heru: I would say just about everybody who has any consciousness left has desired to go home, but most have had no way to do so.


Elora: Did a high percentage of the Light Workers “fall”?


Heru: Even one Being falling is a high percentage. But I would say in the range of 30% fell. And I believe that most or all of these Beings will be reclaimed. [Elora: How did you, yourself, resist the temptation to fall?] In my own case, I never felt the temptation or the lure of whatever it is that the Darkness has offered, and so for me resistance has not been difficult in that way. It is the only thing I know, to be of Light and to be of Service.


Elora: Is it correct that the vast majority of Light Workers on this Planet are from the original group who came into the Fallen Universes to help?


Heru: That is correct. And it is the Light Workers, collectively, who have taken the greatest brunt of this destruction. For you simultaneously fell victim to the controlling nature of the darkness and yet could see that this was not the true nature of Humanity, for you had your memories intact. So this has been, for all of you, the roughest ride.


Elora: Is there anything you would like to convey to the Light Workers?


I would like to say that the remnants of the families or the groups that people came in with are here. The time is right for people to seek each other out, through whatever means is available, in terms of like-minded groups and conversations with people who have similar passions. They may wish to form discussion groups, either in person or through the Internet. There can be a sharing of experiences with no agenda, simply trying to jog each other's memories and come up with common experiences.


The other thing I would like to say is that the Beings who came into this project were considered the best and the brightest within the Creation, representing a cross section of all of the kinds of talents of all the Creator Gods, across all the Universes. They were not Creator Gods specifically, but they were representatives of their particular brands of creation, in a sense. [Elora: It must have been a loss to the rest of Creation, then, to have their best and brightest lost for so long.] Yes, and I would also like to say that I believe all will be reclaimed. It is my hope that even those who were lost or melted down can be restored, and there are relatively few of those.


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