The return of light

Section B: The Atomic Correction

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Section B: The Atomic Correction


The Atomic Correction was seen as the last barrier which has prevented Creator from entering and affecting the Third Dimension, the final enigma which He had to solve. The Atomic distortions have affected all Matter in the Fallen Sector, and most particularly the Matter in the lowest Dimensions, including of course the Physical Realm that we dwell in. In the Light Universes all Matter, including that on the Third Dimensions, is not only pure and pristine but radiant and alive with the Energy and Light of Creator. Everything is intelligent, even stones and water, and no part of life or Nature ever harms another part, whether deliberately or accidentally.


Starting in June, Creator began working from many angles to begin correcting the atomic distortions. Some preliminary attempts were made in the first half of June, but as Heru stated, when queried if these attempts were working:


"My bottom line answer to that is that I will not consider it to be working from my perspective until you see it working from your perspective."


About June 20, the breakthrough we had been waiting for occurred. Creator "unlocked" the puzzle of the Atomic Distortions, and what we call the "Atomic Correction" began, although the effects were not yet felt on Earth. We were told by Creator that it would take several years for the Correction to become complete on the Third Dimension, and that we would experience the effects in a gradual manner. A few days later we all felt strange, and Creator explained that we were beginning to feel "a slight taste" of the Correction. He added, "It is as if the barometric pressure has changed significantly. And the forces that are holding your atoms in their normal alignment and arrangement are changing somewhat."


As June drew to a close, we could clairvoyantly observe the Atomic Correction moving towards us like a huge shock wave or the outrunners of an enormous hurricane. This "storm" reached our Planet on July 5, 2005, and was predicted to cause a period of energetic chaos lasting several months. I am sure that many of our readers will have noticed that this Summer has been an extremely intense and generally difficult time energetically. On July 9, we had the following conversation with one of the Archangels:


Elora: Is there anything you can tell us about the Atomic Correction? We understand that it's causing a lot of chaos and damage to people's subtle bodies, filaments, and such.


Heru: Yes, it is, and it is pushing some people over the edge into leaving their bodies or into health crisis. It is very stormy and there is a lot of chaotic debris, so people are being hit with any number of psychic things. It's not so much that they are being attacked as that there is a lot of junk and it is flying around furiously.


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