The return of light

Elora: What kind of numbers were sent into a Universe such as this one?   Heru

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Elora: What kind of numbers were sent into a Universe such as this one?


Heru: Hundreds of thousands of Beings were sent into each Universe. This venture was considered very important, and the recruiting effort was large. It went across pretty much the entire spectrum of talents and Beings. At that time it was still believed that the Dark Beings could be helped, and so the Light Workers that were sent were chosen as healers, restorers, teachers, and so on.


Elora: Would you speak on some of the other major facets of the plans and purposes of these Light Forces? I feel this is important because Light Workers reading this material may remember the reasons for which they came here.


Heru: Yes. I would suggest to each of the Light Workers who come to read this to look at their passion and their talents. For instance if someone has a passion for Akashic record work or healing work, to look at that, and see it as the seed of the Mission they came here to accomplish. It will also be helpful to realize that great numbers of people with similar talents and similar Missions were sent into each Universe. For example, perhaps several thousand people with the great ability of Akashic Record Reclamation would go into each Dark Universe and be stationed throughout. Then there would have been the intention to link up with a Being in the Healing Arts, or a Being doing genetic work, or whatever. And these different groups would have worked hand in hand, and put together a comprehensive program for healing not only individuals, but worlds and systems. Since your personal work involved bio-systems, for instance, you would have worked with geneticists, and would have also worked with Beings who specialized in cleaning up various types and levels of pollution. Then there would have been the teachers, the educators, those who specialized in emotional and spiritual work, and so on.


These Beings then began to set up something almost along the lines of a great university on each planet, so you would have a whole university type structure of classes on healing and other subjects, which would be coordinated from a centralized location. Since there are many inhabited planets in each of the Fallen Universes, a teacher or healer would be assigned to many, not just one. Remember that wormhole travel at that time was very possible, though it has largely broken down since then. Parts of this great system were actually set up within the Universes before everything was totally disrupted.


Elora: Are the remains of this original force of Light Workers now concentrated on the Twelve Critical Planets? [Please see the Glossary for a definition of the Twelve Critical Planets, of which Earth is one.]


Heru: There are remains on each of those Planets. However, these areas have been targeted by the Dark Forces, so many have fled to some safer areas. There are some of these Beings in that area where your relatives are, near the edge of this Universe. Those who could flee to safety did so, however many were entrapped in the karmic cycle of this Planet or wherever they were at the time.


Elora: Please discuss briefly what it was like for us when the Fall happened, knowing nothing of darkness or even of defending ourselves.


Heru: It was horrible beyond words. If you were to look at some of the sections of Michelangelo's fresco of the Last Judgment and you look at the Fallen Souls, it would look something like that, only magnified many hundreds of thousands of times. The Light Workers and other Beings in these Universes were trapped, and ripped asunder from their connectedness with Prime Creator, and also their connectedness with all their companions. There was the rending apart of Twin Souls; and many other connections were also torn apart. For example, those who don't have Twin Souls would have their connection to Nature severed, or their connection to the Creator Gods, or to Prime Creator, severed or twisted. It was like a descent into Hell.


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