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Section A: General Updates on the Status of Planet Earth

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Section A: General Updates on the Status of Planet Earth


On June 17, 2005, we asked Heru for some general Updates on our Planet.


Elora: 1've been thinking about the assumption that is being made by Creator, yourself, and many other high level Beings, which is that since the Higher Dimension Members of the Illuminati have been brought down, the negative power structures on Earth will therefore crumble. I hope this is true but I feel this may be like expecting someone who has been chained in an underground dungeon for decades to step forth and start functioning when the chains are removed. In reality such people often can't even summon the will to walk out of the prison themselves. I feel that it may require Creator's active presence here for the changes to really happen. Would you comment on this please?


Heru: I think you may be right. And when you say a person may not be able to summon the will, they may not have the strength as well. I think that is a very valid point you have made.


Elora: Heru, we would like some updates on the status of Earth at this time. Please tell us something about the state of affairs after all the battle with the Illuminati.


Heru: The Illuminati right through to the Upper Dimensions have been taken down. However as you are aware, the power structure of the Illuminati on this Earth is still in place, and the upper echelons of this group are Master Magicians. So although they have no support even in the Fourth, they are still able to operate in the Fourth Dimension and the Fifth and the Sixth, to do their dastardly deeds. The next push would be to really be able to get into the Fifth, Fourth, and Third Dimensions. We managed to get enough into the Fifth and Fourth Dimensions to take out the Illuminati, but not really to be able to function there well enough to prevent the Third Dimensional Magicians from operating there. They would see us coming and they would retreat. As soon as we would blink our eyes they would do their operation and retreat again. [Elora: So for Creator and the Higher Beings, all those dimensions are very hard to access?] Yes. And hard to move around in.


Elora: What is going to happen next here on Earth? Are the Light Warriors really going to start cleaning things up here? For example, there are millions of contaminated Portals, and Earth herself must be damaged etherically as well as afflicted with dark and traumatic energies in many regions. Also there are energetic residues of wars that happened just about everywhere. There are also uncountable numbers of Dark and Fallen Higher Dimensional entities who attack or attach to people, along with lots of discarnates and so on. Is a cleanup going to start for all these things, and if so when? I guess a lot of these things are on the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions.


Heru: Yes, and all this is going to be dependent on our making that breakthrough to the sub-atomic structure. Once we can break through we can do anything. We have the Forces, we have the numbers, we have the power to do it. And it will happen everywhere at once, once we can make this breakthrough. This is really the key.


Elora: I understand that there was a big meeting at the Haven recently about the future of Earth. I believe that many different topics were discussed, including a public landing of the positive ET's. Is this correct and has there been a decision to have such a landing? [Note: the Haven is a Higher Dimensional Realm near Earth which has a large Administrative Center.]


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