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Anatomy of a Multi-Dimensional Illness

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Anatomy of a Multi-Dimensional Illness - By Karen Kirschbaum and Shakura Rei


[Karen:] I am recovering from a six-week illness of bronchitis and sinusitis. For those of you with chronic illness this may sound like a walk in the park, but it certainly seemed interminable and has given me an appreciation of what life could be like when one is constantly ill. I don't see how, without Shakura's help, I would ever have gotten out from under this illness.


I believe there is almost always a "mind-body" connection to any illness, but what I never considered was that an illness could have a multidimensional component. Specifically, I had a dramatic and very intense eruption of a past life trauma thrust into my face immediately before I became ill. Without going into all the gory details, it involved my Fourth and Sixth Dimensional Aspects, and those of my Twin Soul.


I was beside myself with rage and grief, and I needed several sessions with a good Shamanic Healer to integrate all the emotional components involved in this particular trauma. Shortly afterwards I became ill with a sinus infection. Shakura cleared me a few times, but it kept coming back. She said that I was loaded with pathogenic and anaerobic bacteria, viruses and mycoplasms. Each time she cleared me I seemed to have a different mix of all these pathogens, and then it went into my lungs. After Shakura would clear me, I would feel better for a few hours or a half-day, then BAM! I would begin to get ill all over again. I looked around my environment to see what on Earth could be re-infecting me. I was using the neti pot (an Ayurvedic nasal irrigator), and I wondered if the very tap water had this horrible bacteria in it.


Meanwhile by now I was into my fifth week of illness, and pretty darn sick of being sick. I had never been so sick for so long, so I went to the doctor and asked for antibiotics for the first time in about five years. They didn't touch the infection. I have a generally robust constitution and I am not on any prescription medications, so I just could not understand how my immune system had collapsed overnight.


At one point Shakura and I were having a channeled session together. It was during this channeling we discovered that not only was I ill, but my Fourth and Sixth Dimensional Aspects were ill as well, and that the Light Filaments between all the Aspects were also infected with pathogens. This was on a Friday. Shakura said she would work on me. I went up and down for the next couple of days, but by Monday I was clearly on the mend, and my mucus was clear for the first time in six weeks. I don't know all the details of what she saw and did, but I know it was a heroic effort on her part. Again let me say that without her help, I don't know how I ever would have gotten over this illness.


I would now like Shakura to tell what she saw and how she worked on this. I am hoping this can illustrate how an illness can come from the Upper Dimensions, and how there may be no healing until this is addressed.


[Shakura:] As Karen wrote, she was suffering from lung and sinus congestion. I would check and find that she was infected with various pathogens, and when I'd clear one she would present with another. At first I thought she wasn't improving because she was so weak from being overtaken by so many pathogens at once - viruses, mycoplasms, and various forms of bacteria. What was most bewildering to me is that I would remove bacteria completely out of her system and within two days it was back. Something was pulling it back and I couldn't understand what that could be. We have previously discovered the existence of pathogen-pulling implants, but we checked and Karen didn't have any during this time.


This went on for weeks before we discovered that the two Aspects directly above her were also infected with pathogens, and so were the Filaments all the way down to Karen. It took me a few sessions, but I finally got the Filaments, Aspects, and Karen completely clear - the worst offenders being the various forms of pathogenic bacteria. Immediately thereafter Karen went on the mend and in short order her lung and sinus infection was healed. However, not long after she came down with cystitis - a bladder infection. The usual culprit for cystitis is a bacterium, but I knew she and her Aspects were clear of bacteria - so where was this coming from? Karen suggested that perhaps the bladder had become irritated from her prolonged bacterial infection, and that candida had now entered and inflamed it. I checked her bladder for candida, and indeed that was the culprit; but also her two Higher Aspects and her Filaments were infected as well. As Karen had suffered most of her life with various forms of fungus and yeast in her system, this was a good time to put an end to it. I cleared her, her two infected Aspects and her Filaments of all candida, and her bladder subsequently healed.


In closing, if you are prone to chronic infections, the first course of action I suggest is to have yourself cleared of all attachments and implants, as we find pathogen-pulling implants to be very common. The next process would be to look at your Aspects. Karen's Aspects are of the Light so they are cooperative and easy to work with. If you have a Dark Aspect that is also infected and infecting you, then consider having that Aspect worked with so that it is returned to its true Light state. Afterwards it can be healed of pathogens.



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