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Archangel Godparents


As our exploration of our relationship with the Archangels deepened, we came to feel that each of us had a special relationship with a certain Archangel. For some of us, these were Beings that we knew; in other cases they were unknown on Earth. I had always felt a particularly close connection to Archangel Gabriel, and in fact took the name Gabriel as a surname in my early twenties. I had been told many years ago that I was of Gabriel's Lineage, but felt this must have been in error since I know that Heru and Sekhmet served both as my Cosmic Parents and Cosmic Progenitors.


Karen channeled Gabriel, and he explained to us that all Human Souls have what could be called an "Archangel Godparent." The Archangel Godparent works together with the Creator Gods (and Cosmic Parents, if they are involved) in the creation of individual Souls (Monads). Gabriel stated: "I am brought in to express the ecstasy of that moment and facilitate in the union that creates a Soul". In other words, the Archangel Godparent overlights the union of the Creator Gods and some of that Archangel's energy signature permeates this union, therefore becoming a permanent part of the new Soul(s) which are created. In my case, Gabriel is my Archangel Godparent, and we will always have a close connection.


A single Archangel can be the Godparent to many Monads and therefore to many Souls. The Human Monads will have some of the core qualities of the Archangel. Also, a man can have an Archangel Godparent who is considered a male Angel - but remember that the Archangels are all androgynous.


As the Higher Energies intensify on our Planet, the Ascension process is being greatly speeded up. People who were told that they might Ascend in five years time are finding that the process is already beginning to happen with their Higher Dimensional Aspects, and will probably occur within a matter of months for them. Your Archangel Godparent - or any of the Archangels for that matter - can be of great assistance in helping you with your Ascension process, if you work closely with that Archangel and form a personal relationship with him or with her. Please do exercise caution however, as a few of the Archangels are Dark or partially Dark. It would be wise to exercise discretion and/or to have a trusted Guide check out any Archangel that you would like to work with.


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