The return of light

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Archangel X stated the following, regarding the reconnection of Archangels and Humans:


What is so important here is that there has been a great opening. Think of it as a barrier, a Dark Barrier that has separated us from you. Another way to think of it is that as this barrier dissolves, we two species can once again come together. And as we do we form a dynamic explosion of Light and Creative Energy that permeates the worlds. It is important that this Energy, this explosion of Light, come all the way down to the Physical Plane - and this is where you are unique. The Barrier could not come down until it reached the Physical.


[Elora:] It was a great stretch to even think of relating to the Archangels as our equals. However, as I said before, putting these Beings on a pedestal doesn't serve them any better than it serves us. We learned that, due to the expectations of Humans, the Archangels began to project to us an image which would be in line with those expectations. The projected images are rather two-dimensional, and portray the Archangels as lofty Beings without emotions or longings, and without fear, pain, doubt, or weariness. When the Archangels began to show themselves to us as they truly are, we found out once again that they are people. All of the abstract concepts we have had about Higher Dimensional Beings perhaps boils down to this one sentence. They are people. Not that they are Humans, but in the fact that they have individual personalities, likes and dislikes, emotions, needs, and imperfections. Higher Aspects are also people. The Monads are people. The Archangels are people. And even God Himself/Herself, in His individuated form, is a person. In addition the Archangels, like other highly sentient and individuated races in this Creation such as Humans and Creator Gods, are sexual Beings in the highest and most sacred sense of the word.


What is it like to meet an Archangel face to face, in reality and beyond their projected personas? Previously Heru has stated: "You have called on the same Angels and Masters for generations and generations, and it is not only you who are tired." Even hearing that didn't prepare us for the reality.


For example, in early February I contacted Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel appeared in a magnificent blaze of light. He looked like a splendidly handsome young man in his twenties, with sculptured features, long black hair, blue eyes, and pure white wings. I requested that he show me his true appearance. After some confusion of images, he reappeared to me looking about forty, his face drawn with fatigue. While some of his Aspects have white wings, many are sort of an iridescent mother-of-pearl. Gabriel's body is tall, strong, and muscular. His face is handsome and sculptured, but at times his eyes can be dark with pain, although he has undergone tremendous healing in the past couple of months. This is the real Gabriel. He told me that his job, which is of course high profile and brings him into much contact with Humans, has been extremely wearing on him. He also said a sentence that chilled me: "The projections are killing me." Gabriel, one of the foremost Angels in both Islam and Christianity, is supposed to be the pure white lily, without a doubt, a fear, or a stain. In truth, all of the Archangels in the Fallen Sector have experienced deep anguish as they have striven to uphold their Missions, as well as fear and doubt at times. Most of them have Aspects who have been damaged or even lost. Even so, the Archangels are profoundly service oriented, and often continue to serve when they are nearly dropping with weariness. Think for one moment of Archangel Michael. None of the Beings who were created in Light, including the Archangels, were meant to be warriors. Michael told me that he (in the form of one or more of his Aspects) has been on the forefront of every single major battle that has occurred in this Universe for the past 500 million years. Can you imagine what this would do to a pure, loving, and sensitive Being? We all owe him a debt that is beyond counting.


The Time of Liberation is at hand for the Archangels however, at least for many. Creator has restored almost a thousand Aspects from the Archangels which had been lost, and healed many more. As I mentioned in another Update, some of the God Stones now contain Portals back to the Light Universes and a number of Archangels, including Uriel, have already left. Others, like Gabriel, will most likely complete their tasks with honor and pass on their responsibilities to others, so that they too may return. For the Portals in the God Stones are two-way Portals, allowing new Beings to travel here from the Unfallen Universes. This includes a number of new, unwearied Archangels who are eager to serve Humanity and/or to do whatever they can to help the Healing of this Universe.


This essay is not meant to discourage you from contacting your well known and loved Archangel friends, but when you do, you might consider asking them to introduce you to some of the new Archangels who have entered our Universe. The new Archangels are willing and able to carry out many of the tasks and missions which you might request.


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