The return of light

The Mission of the Light Workers

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The Mission of the Light Workers


Elora: Please give some additional information on the group of Light Workers which was sent about 500 million years ago to help the Dark Universes. We'd like to know what prompted this group of Beings to come, who made the decisions, how they were chosen or how they volunteered, and so on.


Heru: The Creator Gods in the Fallen Universes convened a Council. They met and put forth a call for help. This call went out and a Great Council was convened amongst the Creator Gods of the Light Universes. An extensive recruitment then took place to assemble a large entourage of multi-skilled, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional Beings to come and do what they thought would be reclamation work. It was hoped that the size and skills of this force would be sufficient.


This force arrived into the Universes which had been affected by darkness, and at first things seemed to be going well. They set up their schools, their healing missions, and so on - all of the work that they felt would be needed. Some thousands of years into this project, the Dark achieved a critical mass, declared itself, and sealed off this Quadrant of Universes behind the Frequency Fence. And essentially at that point the battles began.


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