The return of light

Elora: Would you like to conclude this discussion with any further words for our readers?   Heru

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Elora: Would you like to conclude this discussion with any further words for our readers?


Heru: For those of you who are so soul weary and sick and wounded, I would tell you that hope is real, that help is at this point perhaps weeks away. If you can but hang in there for that little bit of time, you will see things change rapidly. But also know that if you cannot, that when you drop your physical forms, help will be there ready to embrace you. And to fear not, for the Darkness is indeed quarantined. One of the last places to be freed is this precious Planet but it is soon to be liberated. We also want you to know that you will not be responsible for the restoration and reclamation; there will be many, many Helpers who are arriving as we speak. Your only job will be to willingly submit to the loving ministrations of the most accomplished healers in Creation.


Elora: Heru, you said that help is weeks away. You also said we would see changes by Fall. Are you changing your time estimate? What changes will we see in weeks?


Heru: Those who are sensitive will begin to see the change consciously in weeks, and to access the Helpers who arrive in the Upper Dimensions, the Fourth through to the Sixth. You will begin to have Psychics and Healers accessing that in a matter of weeks. It will take some months for this to penetrate throughout the Mass Consciousness. Fall may be too far distant an estimate, and it may happen in the Summer - but if you remember that this “Wall” was put up 500 million years ago, this is but a twinkling of an eye. And I really want to emphasize that at whatever a point people find themselves, in the Third Dimension or having dropped the physical body, it will not matter. For those who just cannot wait another day to leave their bodies it is fine for them to do this, for the help is there for them to make the transition.


Elora: So you're saying that within weeks we will see big changes on the Inner Realms, and it will be a matter of months to see changes begin on the outer, such as Earthly power structures changing and so on.




[Elora:] This completes our Updates for the time period leading up to May 2005. Now that the God Warriors have cleared most of our Universe and most of the Dark Sector and now that the Dark Universes have been collapsed, Creator's focus is on several things. One, of course, is healing for those of us who have suffered from living in the Fallen Sector for millions of years. In addition, it is crucial to rescue and reclaim the last strongholds of the Dark, of which Earth unfortunately is one. And lastly, for the reclamation to be complete, it is necessary for Creator to enter and be able to affect the Physical Plane, and for the extreme density and atomic distortions in the Lower Dimensions to be changed and corrected. Those of us who have had the privilege of observing the daily miracles occurring on the Higher Dimensions are almost screaming with impatience to see these things begin to happen in our world and on the Third Dimension. We are currently working with Creator to pull His energy into our physical bodies, our homes, our pets, and so on. It is our hope that once he gains a true foothold in the Third Dimension, He can rapidly expand His sphere of influence. However these things unfold, we believe that the coming months will be momentous. As Sekhmet said to me recently, "Prepare for rapid change."


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