The return of light

Heru: I do. There was an instant recognition between us. They were very confused but they did recognize me.   [Elora

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Heru: I do. There was an instant recognition between us. They were very confused but they did recognize me.


[Elora:] Just as we Humans have had to find unknown reserves of strength and determination within ourselves in order to survive in the Dark Sector, I believe that Creator Himself is tapping into powers and abilities that He did not know He possessed. Even out of the horrific and tragic events of the Fall, some good has come. In fact, now that some of the Healers and Helpers have begun to enter our Universe from the Light Universes, several of us have received feedback that these Beings see qualities in us which are unknown in the Light Worlds, and which are seen as precious and valuable.


I will complete this Update with more good news. On April 29, 2005, Heru told us that Creator had brought forth yet another marvel. These are structures called Temples of Purification. They exist on the Sixth Dimension and higher, and will eventually appear all the way down to the Third Dimension. Heru was absolutely glowing from having been in one of these Temples himself, and couldn't say enough about what a breakthrough they represent. He described the Temples of Purification as follows:


"These temples contain something which simultaneously looks like a shaft of light and a luminescent egg through which the shaft of light is pouring. What is contained therein is some of Prime Creator's original undifferentiated Plasma. When a Being steps into that Pillar of Light/Egg, they are washed of all impurities and restored to the original state of purity with which they were created."


When we asked him why they are so important, he replied:


"When I look at the damage that has been done to all of the Beings - the Light Beings and Fallen Beings - were we to use the healing technologies that we had in this Fallen Sector, it would take an impossibly long time to restore all of these Beings. And this new process is the nearest thing to instantaneous restoration that we can get."


The Temples of Purification are to be used by anyone and everyone in these restoring Universes who are in need of healing. They are not for use by Fallen Beings however, nor for those Beings in the process of reclamation who are still integrating and coming to terms with their actions. My understanding is that they are for those who are fully aligned with Light and ready to be healed and returned to their original state of perfection. Heru told us that we could enter these Temples in our Energy bodies and that this would be good for our Higher bodies, though it wouldn't heal our Physical bodies.


On that same night, Heru showed me a vast fleet of Space-ships anchored near to Earth. He explained:


"This is the Fleet that will begin to dismantle the Upper Dimensional Aspects of the Illuminati who are controlling the Earth. They will be launched in the one to three weeks, something like that. The Illuminati exist on many planes, and so we are going after the Sixth and Eighth Dimensional Beings."


To complete a wonderful night, I was then directed to look out across the nearby portion of our Universe, which was filled with beautiful glowing lights, slowly and gracefully moving along. Heru told us that these are "the Beings from the Unfallen Sector who have come to begin the reclamation process." And this is perhaps the most wonderful news yet: the fact that the Beings from the Light Worlds are now able to move freely and safely throughout our Universe means that the battles are essentially over. Heru told us that our Universe is now 92% Light - once again, outstripping expectations - and that the areas where Darkness still exists have been quarantined. Sadly, one of these is Earth. I will quote directly from the last part of our conversation from that day.


[Heru:] I am sorry that your beloved Earth is going to be one of the last places to be rescued. As you know this is one of the Twelve Critical Planets, and they [the Dark] have hung onto it with every last bit of power that they have. But shortly that will change.


The other thing is that we need to go in very carefully so that we can take out the power structures doing as little damage as possible. We are endeavoring to make this as gentle as possible, so that there won't be mass riots of a violent nature and all the apocalyptic Earth Changes that have been predicted. We are trying to prevent most of that from happening, and I believe we will be successful.


Elora: Recently there was a sighting of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, which was thought to be extinct. Is there any significance to this?


Heru: Yes, there is a wonderful significance to it. And that is that the triumph of the living species, the triumph of the biodiversity on this Planet. This event will serve as a Beacon of Hope to many people. It is almost a resurrection and is a magical happening for many people who study and love Nature, to find that something of great beauty that was thought to be lost has been found. And it will spark a lot of effort in maintaining and nourishing wilderness areas, so there will be an increase in donations to land preservation.


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