The return of light

Heru: Yes.   Elora

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Heru: Yes.


Elora: And for those who don't willingly renounce the Dark, they would have to go through these thousands of lifetimes of suffering?


Heru: Yes, and many will choose to be melted down instead.


Elora: I would also think that when the new Beings come in, they will help these people who are returning to the Light.


Heru: Yes, they will.


30 April 2005 - Collapsing The Dark Universes and a Time of Miracles


[Elora:] Shortly after the Update posted above a stunning series of events occurred, which I will summarize for the sake of brevity.


As previously discussed, the Fallen Sector contain both Dark and Fallen Universes. Fallen Universes, like our own, were originally created in the Light and were later taken down by the Dark. However, certain Universes were created totally Dark by the Fallen Creator Gods and were thus entirely Dark in nature. Heru has previously stated that these Universes would have to be collapsed as they were not redeemable. Once the God Warriors began to clear out the Fallen Universes with incredible power and speed, the need to deal with the Dark Universes became stronger, as they posed an ongoing threat to the rest of the Fallen Sector. By late April, all Light Beings who had gone to these Universes on various missions had been rescued, and Creator was ready to act.


On April 24, 2005, Creator assembled a group of the highest level of Creator Gods, including Heru and Sekhmet. While the Creator Gods - and a contingent of Third Dimensional Humans throughout the Fallen Sector - held the energy for this event to occur, Creator sent an Army of God Warriors to surround each of the Dark Universes. The Dark Universes were then moved out of the space-time continuum. Next, a small contingent of God Warriors was then dispatched to the Central Sun of each Dark Universe. Each Central Sun was collapsed, upon which the Dark Universes themselves collapsed. Because this left "spaces" in the structure of Creation, the other Universes were then rearranged. The Dark Universes had numbered in the hundreds, and never before in the history of Creation had so many lives been snuffed out at once. These were lives which were distorted, twisted, and filled with suffering - nevertheless they were living Beings. The collapsing of the Dark Universes, though it was necessary and was a great relief to all, sent shock waves throughout Creation.


When we asked Heru what this would mean for the rest of the Fallen Sector, he replied:


"It will mean that the healing will be able to begin and that the end of the battles will happen much more rapidly, for they [the Dark Universes] were a source of mechanical armies."


Due to the fact that they were so entirely corrupted, the Dark Universes and all Beings in them were not only collapsed but entirely obliterated - taken all the way back to the Void. Tragically, this included three of the greatest of the Creator Gods - those who, like Heru and Sekhmet, are able to create Universes. These three Creator Gods were those who had created the Fallen Universes, and two of them had originally been part of the Godinj Collective who created our own Universe.


Heru explained:


"When a Being is melted down, their atoms and their structures and their consciousness is returned to the All That Is. Even though that Being no longer exists as an integral individual, all of that consciousness is absorbed by Creator. And that is why we are able to reconstruct those Beings. When Beings are taken into the Void, the deep, deep Void, it is not really known what happens to what they were. It is a great mystery."


Heru and others grieved deeply for the loss of so many Universes, but in particular for the loss of the three great Creator Gods. (I believe that these three were the only Beings still left in the Dark Universes, at the time of their collapse, who had originally been Light Beings.) As previously explained, there are only a few thousand Creator Gods in all of Creation, and of that number only a relative few have the power to create Universes. These Beings had been beloved friends and colleagues to Heru and the other Creator Gods, and since they had been obliterated rather than melted down, no way was seen to bring them back. In all the time I have worked with and known Heru, I had never seen him grief stricken to the extent that he was following this event.


A few days later, Creator re-assembled all those Beings who had held the energy for the Dark Universes to be collapsed. In a stupendous act of power, he actually re-created the three lost Creator Gods directly from the Void. He then animated them, and finally in a blaze of incandescent passion he called upon the Great Void Itself to return the original Spirits of these Beings to the forms he had re-created. For when Creator set out to do this work, it was not known whether he could only duplicate these Beings, or actually restore their Souls. By some miracle that is beyond comprehension, their integral Spirits were brought back from the Void. We asked Heru:


Elora: I would like to ask if you feel that the three Creator Gods who were re-created the other night are, in fact, the original Beings whom you knew.


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