The return of light

Elora: And is he making progress?   Heru

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Elora: And is he making progress?


Heru: Yes. But this will take some time.


Elora: This brings up a question I've been pondering about. You have said that when the Darkness infects a Being, it subverts their will and they perform actions which they have not really chosen through Free Will. How does it make sense that Beings must suffer and bear the responsibility of what they did when their will was taken over by the Dark?


Heru: There have been great debates on this. I believe there is a dividing line, and that is between those who willingly renounce the Dark, like Majaron, and those who are unwilling to renounce the Dark. Now Majaron is suffering, and he will want to make reparations to those whom he has wronged. But he will not be called upon to live out the Karmic retribution or the Karmic restitution for what he has done. And so that is what is different. I want to say it will be enough for him to really look at and absorb everything he has done, and that in itself will be very painful. And he will have some work to do around this. But what we're talking about is the difference between perhaps months of therapy and recapitulation, versus hundreds or thousands of lifetimes of suffering and being chained to the Karmic wheel.


Elora: So this is more a matter of consciousness, for those who willingly renounce the Dark?


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