The return of light

Heru: They are.   Elora

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Heru: They are.


Elora: Do you feel that, with the advent of countless numbers of God Warriors, the War in our Universe will be over very soon, except for small skirmishes and areas of resistance like Earth?


Heru: I do.


Elora: How soon? Are we talking weeks, months?


Heru: I believe weeks, maybe six weeks.


Elora: Would you please speak for a few moments on how you view the overall state of our Universe, including what percentage of it now is under the control of the Light.


Heru: As of this moment, about 63% of this Universe is in control of the Forces of Light. And that will increase. Before this battle it was just below 50%, so this really is in essence the turning of the tide.


Elora: So when we started these discussions, our universe was 75% in the control of the Dark, essentially.


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