The return of light

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Prime Creator: We shall see.


Elora: Thank you for this information, Creator. We are all dedicated to doing everything we can in order to restore this Creation.


Prime Creator: And I thank you as well. There are many in whom I am very pleased. And I will be manifesting to them more and more as time goes by.


[Elora:] We call the manifestations of Creator which are discussed in this channeling the God Warriors, and they truly are magnificent - far more powerful even than the Light Warriors, and blessed with incredibly keen vision. To me, they are the personification of the Wrath of God. They are ruthless in eradicating the Darkness, stopping at nothing. Once they were released, Creator began making them in astronomical numbers. The God Warriors then swept through our Universe and the whole of the Fallen Sector. Their power is so awesome that absolutely nothing can withstand them. Because their sight is so keen, they have been able to locate and destroy the hiding places of the Dark, as well as their cloaked weapons and so on. I believe that once the major battles in the Fallen Sector are over, the God Warriors will be available to act as Personal Guardians for those who need them. Hopefully that need will not exist much longer.



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