The return of light


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Some time after our Creation had been invaded by the Dark Beings, plans were made to heal and counteract the damage. The first plan was put into place about 500 million years ago. At this time the true intent of the Dark Forces had not been revealed, and it was thought that they were innocently harming the Universes into which they had spread. Therefore, the first major attempt to help the Fallen Universes involved the sending of a substantial force of Light Beings into each of the Universes that had been affected. These Light Beings were mostly from the Inner Universes, the older ones which are located nearest the Godverse and which are closest to the pristine purity and power of the original Creation. The Beings who were sent were healers, restorers, and educators, for it was then believed that the invading Beings could be helped and restored to the Divine flow of life in this Creation. Most of the Light Workers on Earth belong to this group, and therefore most of us have been in this particular Universe for about 500 million years. The Light Workers are generally characterized by a high degree of awareness, along with a profound longing for home.    


There were many aspects to this initial plan. The one I am most familiar with involved the bringing of pure, uncorrupted genetic or blueprint material from the Godverse to a selected number of critical planets in those Universes which had damaged genetics. As you read this section, you may come to a remembrance of your intended part in this great plan.


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