The return of light

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Prime Creator: Yes.


Elora: What does it mean that it will be very ruthless? In what way would that be different than it has been before?


Prime Creator: Many delays have happened in advent of this War, in an effort to give every Being possible the choice to choose Light or Dark. Those who have continued to choose the Dark will be rounded up and imprisoned. And those who willingly give up the Dark will have a much easier time in their recapitulation. It will be a healing process, and it will be allowed to be spread out in a manner that I'm sure will be uncomfortable, but they will live through it. For those Beings who have not renounced the Darkness, it will be more of a trial by fire. And this will not be imposed on them, but many of them will end up choosing to be melted down rather than go through this [i.e. the restoration process]. It will be a much more painful process.


Elora: Those who make this choice will be melted down and then brought back?


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