The return of light

Elora: Will these God Warriors be able to affect the Third Dimension here on Earth?   Prime Creator

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Elora: Will these God Warriors be able to affect the Third Dimension here on Earth?


Prime Creator: Not at first, but I believe within a couple to three months.


Elora: How are the Dark Forces which control Earth going to be targeted?


Prime Creator: We will surround and disarm the off-planetary Beings first, which will take away the power structure that is holding together the Beings on this Planet. They will become very unstable and will fall apart rather rapidly. And then we will surround and disarm them as well.


Elora: How will you do this, since they are on the physical?


Prime Creator: I will have to see. This is a work in progress, but I know it will be done.


Elora: How soon will this take effect, here on the physical? How soon might we see these Beings going down, so to speak?


Prime Creator: You will begin to see it this year.


Elora: Will this be able to stop the strong and rapid movement towards global control that is happening right now, with the so-called Free Trade Agreements and the Codex? Votes on some of this legislation could happen within a month.


Prime Creator: We will interfere with their plans.


Elora: I would also like to ask something about the transformation of Third Dimensional Earth. It seems that, other than the Dark and Fallen Beings, our biggest stumbling block is the incredible density of the Third Dimension. Every time we try to affect something on the physical, or ask you to do so, it's the density that gets in the way. What is it going to take to penetrate and lighten that density, and correct the atomic distortions, both here on Earth and elsewhere in this Universe?


Prime Creator: That is an excellent question and I am working on it. I do not know yet, but I know it will be done. So please ask me again soon.


Elora: Here is a question from a reader. He asks: “I believe the expectation is that the Light Warriors won't be defeated by the Dark Forces because they were made of material from an entirely new Creation, outside this Creation that our Universe is in. Did not the Dark Forces also originate from outside this Creation, and might they not leave this Creation to find a way to counter the Light Warriors? What would prevent that?”


Prime Creator: We have stationed Light Warriors all around the perimeters of this Creation as part of our first line of offense, and so the Dark will be contained. Also do remember that once the battle is complete here, we will send forces to the originating point of the Dark and defeat it as well.


Elora: Can you say any more about what it is like for you to be here in the Fallen Sector, seeing all that has happened here?


Prime Creator: If I were to take the time to grieve, my tears would be never ending. There is within me an urgency to triage, repair, heal, and restore in a way that takes me out of my Emotional body. So right now for me it is a fierce amount of activity. At this point I don't really have the time to integrate, feel and grieve the losses that have happened. And it is my hope that by the time I have the space to do that, much healing will have taken place. I would say this is a rather frenetic time for me right now.


Elora: It was said by Sekhmet recently that the rest of the War would appear very fast and very ruthless.


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