The return of light

Heru: Yes, he did.   Elora

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Heru: Yes, he did.


Elora: Have many more Beings left?


Heru: Yes, there is a great migration underway.


Elora: What are your feelings when you see this?


Heru: There is great joy that they are returning to the Light Sector and returning to healing. There is some sorrow that at the parting, although of course it will be a very short time before full commerce and communication and travel will be reestablished. But the partings are not so much between myself and them, but between these Beings and the people they are attached to, who don't have the same sense of time that I would have; so there is some grieving there.


Elora: Is Archangel Gabriel to go back?


Heru: Yes, perhaps within a matter of months.


Elora: He would find some way to keep contact with those he is connected to?


Heru: I believe that it is possible now for an Archangel or a similarly powerful Being to project himself back into the Dark Sector. Therefore Gabriel could go with all of his Aspects and yet still maintain communication and contact with those who desire that.


Elora: How about yourself and Sekhmet?


Heru: We haven't really decided when. We'll leave it at that for right now.


Elora: Is it also correct that Creator has decided to speed up the instant return of Karma on Earth?


Heru: It appears so; I don't really know the details on that. It is in process and how it manifests will be very much on an individual basis. But I would say that pretty much at the present time it is beginning.


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