The return of light

Shakura: Will the Light Warriors ever materialize physically?   Prime Creator

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Shakura: Will the Light Warriors ever materialize physically?


Prime Creator: As Humans become more Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Dimensional, the Light Warriors will begin to appear to them. So if two people were side by side, and one person was very dense and merged with his dense programming, he would not see the Light Warriors. But the person next to him who is open and more multi dimensional would see that Light Warrior and perceive it as a Physical Being. And within a year, that will begin to happen.


Shakura: Will there be a way to restore the Human body back to perfection?


Prime Creator: Yes, there is and always has been a way. If you look at your scriptures of bodily resurrections and miraculous healing, that way has always been there but for only for a scattered few. It will become more prevalent, and in two to three years you will see a definite rise in that kind of event.


Shakura: Are you referring to Ascension or what?


Prime Creator: It is all of it. It is the opening of the gates for the restoration of the divine blueprint, it is the opening of the gates for instantaneous healing, of very major kinds of healing, what people today call miraculous. There will be downloads. There have been small forays into this with some Healers, but there will be more and more downloads of the technology needed for these kinds of miraculous healings, remissions, and transformations. This will come. It is coming. It has already begun in a small way. But you will see it more and more. Again it is being seeded into the fabric of the mind and the souls of many people who have been waiting for their powers to unfold. And they will unfold.


Shakura: Can the Guardians of Purity affect the physical?


Prime Creator: Perhaps not yet or only in a few, but as they are put to use they will change the physical. The more they are used, and the more all of these Bbeings are used, the stronger they become. Even your First Wave Light Warriors have not fully manifested their strength.


Shakura: Once the Dark is cleared and all is restored, what will these Beings do? What will their purpose be?


Prime Creator: There will always remain a certain number of them to be forever vigilant. With the others it is actually not known. They will be free to create worlds, colonize, and become a part of the fabric of this Creation. And how they will affect this Creation is truly not known at this time. It will be an interfacing, in a sense, of two Creations. These Beings were created outside of this Creation, and they will remain here or go to their Home Creation as they wish, or travel back and forth. What you don't understand is the complexity of this new Creation. Look at the older Universes. That level of complexity is the level of this new Creation that I have created. And so there is much you have not seen of this new Creation. It does exist side by side interpenetrating all of this Creation and it will continue to grow just as this Creation has grown, and it will continue to interpenetrate this Creation. I do not know what the future will bring. I know it will be glorious, but the shape that this will take will be in large measure up to all of the Beings in this Creation and that Creation. It will be a dance of interpenetration, and I see that it will be a glorious future.


[Elora:] Given how fast things are now moving on the Higher Dimensions, it is my hope and belief that powerful and positive technology for cleaning up the environment will occur sooner than three to five years.]


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