The return of light

Part 6 - A Creation without Defences

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Part 6 - A Creation without Defences


Elora: If this Creation was made without any form of negativity, then was it unable to defend itself against Darkness? Why did not the Creator act to drive Darkness out of the Creation?


Heru: This Creation is a creation of Love and Light, of beauty, of vast amounts of diversity. And as I said earlier, it is an expression of something beyond words, that indescribable place which the Creator expressed from. In this expression there was no thought of destructive or negative forces. These were not even conceived of as being a possibility. Therefore this Creation was created without weapons, without defenses. You will see in the Universes which are not Fallen, for example, that the whole concept of predation is much different.


When this Creation was attacked, although the Prime Creator was aware of it instantly, the Creator was not able to comprehend the danger and was not able immediately to come up with a good solution. Therefore it spread. Really, the amount of time that Darkness has been here is a very short one in terms of the time of the Creator. To use an analogy, it is as if this Creation were a Human who was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The initial bite did not seem that bad, and nothing was done immediately. But as with a brown recluse spider, the toxins spread from cell to cell, bringing death, rot, and decay with it, until the flesh around the original bite began to die. It is at that point that the body would begin to marshal its defenses. However, as with the brown recluse spider, the natural defenses would perhaps not be enough. And in fact, as stated before, this Creation had no defenses whatsoever.


Therefore it has taken some planning and engineering in order to create weapons that were never before conceived of, to create defenses that were never before conceived of. For you see, the Angels and Creator Gods, and all of the Beings who are on the front line of this fight, have had to cobble together defenses and weapons out of whatever they can pick up. They have been picking up their shovels and broomsticks and trying to fight a highly sophisticated invader when they had no prior knowledge of defensive strategy. And that is why in many cases it appears that the Dark side wins the battles. But the shift is happening. The Creator has come up with a strategy. The weapons are in place; the Armies of Light have been created; and the tide has turned. And in a short swift time, the War will be won.


Elora: Still, why did help not come earlier? Were talking about an enormous stretch of time here. Is it not true that all the original beings in this Universe have been crying out to the Creator for help, with their uncounted trillions of voices, and for eons?


Heru: Yes, and it is being answered. I know it seems to Humans and to many life-forms that this has taken such a long time to accomplish. And there is regret that there has been so much suffering and that this has taken such a long time. I have outlined the reasons, but there is definitely regret that there has been this amount of suffering.



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