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HERU: 7 February 2007 - Some of the new Beings entering our Universe

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HERU: 7 February 2007 - Some of the new Beings entering our Universe


On this date, Heru gave us details on some of the new Beings who are entering our Universe in order. One group is called the Guardians of Worlds, sometimes called the Sentinels. Heru said that these Beings have excellent vision and elaborated:


"Let me first say that all of these Beings come in a sense more with potential than with actuated talents. They will come in almost as archetypes, and then life will bring out of them what they are really meant to do. So what I will be giving you is more their potential than their actualization at this time. These Beings were created to be Eternal Guardians so that nothing like what has happened will ever happen again. Therefore, any time there is any assault on any place where these Sentinels are, they will immediately alert the proper channels of Light Warriors and so on to take care of any attacks.


But there is more to them. They are also able to be, in a sense, houses of communication. And I know that you and Shakura have been looking for ways of rapid communication. When these are all in place, they can rapidly transmit information between themselves. So if you are at one end of the Universe and you need to get a message to the other end of the Universe you can do it rapidly through these Sentinels. And it will take some time for them to become wired in, so to speak, to all of the Beings that will be using them. I'm sure there is more, I'm sure they will be used for other things as well, and it is not entirely seen what else they can do."


Heru then discussed some Beings called the Guardians of Purity. Their objective is to return matter to its pristine state, and they are not here in large numbers yet. The Guardians of Purity have a quality of innocence, and appear almost childlike.


Late last year, Heru had spoken of a group that he called the "Love Warriors". These Beings are also on their way, and he described them thus:


"They will look angelic, much softer than the Light Warriors. They will be characterized by pinks and reds and greens, as you can imagine someone dispensing love would be. They will have talents not only in relationships, but in other fields as well. And they are not going to act as therapists, rather they are going to act more with energetics, with magnetism, with harmonizing polarities. Therefore their work will be much more fundamental than that of a psychotherapist would be. Their scope of work is not just with Human relationships, but also with harmonizing the Yin and Yang in all of Nature through the Mineral, Plant, and Animal Kingdoms as well. So they could be called upon to harmonize an area, everything within the area. For example you could call upon one of these Beings to harmonize all of the Yin and Yang within the property that you are moving to. I would like a better name than Love Warriors; perhaps we could call them the Harmonizers."


Lastly, I encountered some Beings called the Purifiers, who appeared to be working the clear air pollution from around our house. I asked if they were the next step after the Guardians of Purity, and Heru stated:


"They are different in function. The Guardians of Purity will maintain the purity of the original intent of the Being or environment. And the Purifiers would actively be cleaning up things, so they have a somewhat different function."


I do feel that the Purifiers have an effect in terms of being able to affect pollution of air and water, and they are helping in removing chemtrails from the air. They are not here in large numbers, but can be called in by those who would like their help. You can ask them to stay in a certain area and keep working on it.


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