The return of light

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Elora: 18th April 2005 – Heru, we are preparing an Update. Is there anything you would like to state for the benefit of our Readers?


Heru: Write this: My dear beloved friends on Earth, it is with great pleasure that I am able to announce to you the imminent victory of the Forces of Light for control of this Universe. The tide has indeed turned, and the Forces of Light now control more than 50% of this Universe. And within a few weeks the major battles shall be over with. At that point we will be addressing the energetic structures, primarily on the Sixth and Eighth Dimensions, that are controlling the Controllers of Earth. You would probably know them as the Illuminati. Within a very short period of time you will begin to see the entrenched power structure that controls the finances, the war machines, and the politics of your world, shake and collapse like a tower of Babel. I know this will give you both joy and fear, for radical change like this is often fearful. Know that what is to come will be miraculous. If you will remember what I believe were called the Velvet Revolutions, the fall of the Iron Curtain which was achieved with no violence, you will see uprisings like that. There will be people marching in the streets, raising their hands and demanding an end. And there will be an end - this is the key - there will be an end to the mind control that has kept many populations enslaved, either asleep in front of the television sets or just hopelessly fatigued and bound to survival issues. People will begin to wake up rapidly, and it will happen this year.


[Elora: Below, in order of the dates we received them, are a number of Channeled Updates with a great deal more information. In some cases I have summarized an exchange for the sake of brevity.]


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