The return of light

Elora: You said that you thought Creator should already have been able to impact the physical. What is stopping Him?   Archangel X

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Elora: You said that you thought Creator should already have been able to impact the physical. What is stopping Him?


Archangel X: It's sort of a combination of denseness and scrambledness. It's not just that the Third Dimension is dense. I believe this is also why Heru was unable to manifest a body when you requested it. There is a distortion in all of the matter in the Third Dimension that would make it almost impossible for things to come from the Higher Dimensions into this Dimension.


[Elora:] In closing this section, I would like to invite all of those who feel called to assist in the reclamation of our World and Universe by acting as Third Dimensional "grounds" for Creator. At this time, it is through the capacity of certain Third Dimensional Humans to hold a connection with Creator that the greatest changes are occurring. It is difficult to understand the importance of this, yet this is a reality until the stratification between the Dimensions in the Fallen Sector has been broken down. Shakura writes:


"All Humans have Seven Levels within them, which correspond to the Seven Chakras, which also correspond to the Seven Levels within this Universe. The Seven Levels are also referred to as the 'Twelve Dimensions' by some traditions. In a Light Universe those levels are fairly homogenous in that a Human can easily travel from one to another, and a person is not stuck in one level such as we are here. In a Light Universe all Seven Levels are 'open' within the Human body, so that the Human is whole no matter what level she/he may reside in.


In our Dark Sector there is a greater separation and delineation between the levels, and we must be in this last level (Third Dimension - which also corresponds to the densest and last level within the Universe) so that we can pull the energies into its completed form. In other words, the energies must come all the way through and be anchored into the physical before they can be complete.


In terms of making tremendous changes by co-creating with Creator, it takes a physical person who is anchored in the Third Dimension to allow the creation to manifest completely, pulling the energies all the way to this level. In the case of healing an Archangel or pulling its Aspects back, [for example], we know that Archangels do not reside in the physical; in fact, we're told they reside in the Sixth Dimension and above. Still, the force generated by Creator to accomplish the healing must still go through all levels for it to be complete. Therefore He needs us to request it, lend our energies, and pull those energies to this level


For those who are reading this, you too can go into the God Stones and work with Creator. During this time in particular, we are His eyes, His arms and hands. It is through us, through our ability to ground into the Physical level and reach into the Higher Dimensions at the same time, that He is able to break through into progressively greater power and effectiveness. This is a time like no other, when the correct knowledge and abilities, combined with integrity and willingness, will enable Third Dimensional Humans to have monumental leverage in terms of what can be accomplished.


If you are skilled at holding energy, first connect with Creator. Next, ground yourself down into the core of the Earth, and also connect up as far as you can - ideally with the Twelfth Dimension. If you can reach your Monad on the Twelfth, this will be helpful, and he or she may assist you in holding the energy. Communicating with Creator is just as easy as communicating with any other high level Being. You may have your own agenda, or he may tell you what he needs you to do. You may be called to work on your own healing, or that of Archangels or other Higher Dimensional Beings. You may be asked to hold energy while he carries out incredible feats of grace and power, such as creating the Temples of Purification later described in the Channeled Updates for May 2005. Now is the time when you can place your hand in the hand of God and assist Him in carrying out the vast work that has been begun in these Universes.


And one final thought: for those who choose to co-create with Creator during these dramatic times, you will find that He works in the following way. Once He is able to do or to create something, He will then increase and replicate and magnify it. For example, He created a few God Warriors. Then (with the help of Third Dimensional Humans holding energy) He began to create them in the hundreds, then the thousands, the millions, trillions, and on into uncountable numbers. Therefore, whatever He achieves, you can join with Him to command that it be tripled or quadrupled or increased to a factor of ten. He will tell you how much He can magnify His previous creations in any case.


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