The return of light

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Archangel X: You are correct, He said that you are becoming the embodiment of his Will. "Will" is not quite the right the word, that's the way you would take it, but it's more the manifestation of Prime Creator's wishes somehow that has a less heavy feel to it. And at that point when you were getting big you are expanding so that you may hold the totality of a particular wish of Prime Creator. And then you are able, while in the God Stone, to manifest that wish.


[Elora:] Working within the God Stones, particularly when in an expanded status, is truly an incredible experience. There seems to be almost no limit to Creator's power on the Higher Dimensions when He joins forces with a Third Dimensional Human in that place and that manner. Again and again, we have learned that at this time in the history of our Universe, it does require a Third Dimensional Being to enable these great acts of God to occur. Such would not be the case in a Light Universe, where Creator has unlimited power in every Dimension. Here, where the Dimensions are separated and stratified, it takes a Third Dimensional Being to pull these manifestations down through all the Dimensions.


If you want to work in one of the God Stones, you may simply ask to be taken to the nearest God Stone, or the one most appropriate for you. You can bring with you any Masters, Angels, or Guides whom you might wish to be there with you. You may also ask Creator to grant you Expanded Status. If He chooses to do so, your power will be amplified a hundred fold. From such a place, I have seen Creator bring back as many as five "lost" Aspects of an Archangel all at once (Aspects which had been melted down), as well as other miraculous feats too numerous to recount. Working from an Expanded Status in the God Stone also feels very different than our earlier collaborations with Creator. Instead of reeling under avalanches of power, one simply holds the energy with Creator, and the work unfolds. Those of us who work in the God Stones with Creator usually have a sense of looking directly into His eyes, and holding His hands while we create with Him. An even more powerful step is to energetically merge with Him and to create a pillar of connection which goes all the way down into the center of the Earth and all the way up to the Twelfth Dimension. I see His eyes as dark and penetrating, and His hands feel slender and strong. However, He may appear differently to different people. Creator normally appears intense, serious, and concentrated - which would be appropriate for the task He is currently immersed in.


As a final word on the God Stones, some of them have been made to contain Portals back to the Light Universes. A number of Beings have already left and have made the journey home. As new Beings come in from the Unfallen Universes and take over the responsibilities held by Light Beings here, more and more of us will be free to return home. One of the first to return was Archangel Uriel. Most of the Archangels will be here for a while at least, but Uriel had been on the front lines for a long time and was granted a special dispensation to return. If you call on Uriel now, you still may be able to reach him, as he can project his consciousness back into this Sector. However, he is no longer here in personal presence. Another Archangel will be taking over the "Office" that Uriel has held, and those who call upon him may also reach this Being.


Creator's power continues to grow, yet His ability to affect the Third Dimension is still extremely limited. We have found, however, that He is able to remove pathogens from our bodies in many cases. We simply go into the God Stone, merge our energy with Creator, and command that all of a certain pathogen be removed from our physical and subtle bodies, all layers of our auric field, and all the Dimensions, and that its energetic template be removed as well. It is also possible to ask Creator to go back on the time line and do this for all time since we first contracted this type of pathogen. One would have to do this separately for various types of pathogens, such as pathogenic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, viruses, mycoplasms, and for pathogenic fungus, yeast, and mold. It is also necessary to do separate clearings for the genetically and chemically mutated and altered forms of a pathogen. We find this more effective than calling the Micro Warriors to work on pathogens.


We asked Archangel X:


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