The return of light

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Archangel X: They are wonderful, wonderful. I don't want to call them devices because they are much more organic than a device. They are something Prime Creator created some time ago, but it was limited, I believe, to only one universe. Now that the Frequency Fences have fallen, it was decided that they would be a wonderful asset. They are programmed to amplify communication with Prime Creator - between Prime Creator and whoever is in there - and amplify whatever the work is that is done in there, perhaps in a way similar to a pyramid. But it is almost as if these Stones are living stones, in a way that a plant would be alive. I myself have not worked extensively with them so they are new to me as well. All of the gifts that this brings to us are not yet known.


Elora: Last Sunday, I went into the God Stone to do some work. Creator said that He was going to give me something. I think He said that he was making me an embodiment of His will, or some such thing. After He said this, I found myself become absolutely huge and, it seemed, more powerful. I then found that when we brought Archangels into the God Stone to be worked on, Creator could work on a number of them all at once - in a couple cases He worked on all 200-300 aspects of a damaged Archangel at the same time. Can you explain what Creator did to me?


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