The return of light

Chapter NINETEEN: Update 2 - March - April 2005

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Chapter NINETEEN: Update 2 - March - April 2005

Section 1 - PRIME CREATOR - by Elora Gabriel


In The Return of Light, I stated that up until the time that Karen first channeled Prime Creator, I had never encountered any Being whom I could call "God" despite my wide travels on the Inner Realms. Many people claim to know God, and religions are full of dogmas that supposedly express the will of Creator. But who or what is God, beyond our ideas and preconceptions? In the last couple of months, I have begun to re-discover the One who created this Creation, and in a much more personal way than I ever could have dreamed. I will generally refer to Creator as "He" in this writing, but wish to emphasize that Creator is above gender and manifests as both male and female.


In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna (speaking from the consciousness of Creator) states: "Permeating the Cosmos with a fragment of Myself, I remain." I believe that Krishna was communicating the fact that God is, on the one hand, an energy or consciousness which permeates all of Creation; and on the other hand is a Being who exists above and beyond Creation itself. Creator, in his aspect as a Being, has been shut out of the Fallen Sector for the past 500 million years. Now that large parts of the Frequency Fences have come down, Creator has personally entered the Fallen Sector. Due to the extreme density and distortions still present in the Lower Dimensions, Creator has only a very limited ability to affect matters on our Planet. However, his power in the Higher Dimensions is growing exponentially. We have seen literal miracles occur on those Realms, almost on a daily basis. It is painful and frustrating to see things being as bad as ever, even continuing to worsen on Earth. However, Heru did warn us that 2005 would be a difficult year -although both he and Creator now state that we will see definite changes for the better sometime this year. We believe that it is only a matter of time until a breakthrough occurs which will allow miracles begin to occur on the physical. Creator has expressed an intense desire and determination to entirely heal the Fallen Sector, and he will remain here until that is accomplished.


All of us who are involved in this work can now say, beyond a doubt, that Creator is a Being in every sense of the word, with emotions, thoughts, feelings, and agendas that he wishes to accomplish. The scope of the Being whom we call Creator is beyond our imagination, yet our connection with him has become undeniably personal.


In terms of our personal lives and the inner work we do, those of us involved with the material already given in The Return of Light have now found that when we need help or intercession on the inner, the most effective route is to go directly to Creator. This was not always the case. Back in January, Creator told me that he was beginning to be able to reach into the Fallen Sector, but it was like trying to do work with blindfolds over his eyes and oven mitts on his hands, so to speak. Despite these limitations, his eagerness to reach us, and our desire to reach him once again, fueled our work together. We began to call for changes and assistance on the inner, and our requests began to be answered with power and effectiveness.


For example, on February 15, 2005, after a period of relative quiet, the Dark launched a sudden "sneak attack" on the other side of our Universe which resulted in a very damaging battle. The Light was taken by surprise and there were some heavy losses. This battle escalated into a rash of attacks all over the Universe.


Karen channeled Creator, and we asked what could be done. Creator suggested that we work with him to call in 77 Seventh Wave Light Warrior Captains, 144 Konteus, and 2000 Sentinels. The Konteus would then pull in millions of additional Light Warriors, as they have this capacity. All of these Beings are created and in existence, but in general they had not reached the Fallen Sector yet.


We worked with Shakura and asked Creator to send us all the above Beings. With his help, we were able to pull all the above Beings into our Universe and deploy them as needed. The battles rapidly turned in favor of the Light. But this was only the first of many miracles to come. Since then, Creator has restored almost a thousand Higher Dimensional Beings who had been melted down, who had literally ceased to exist as Beings. Their memories have been restored and they are complete, sentient, and ensouled Beings once more. He has also restored Beings who had been disintegrated or blown apart. He has healed great numbers of the Archangels, for many have been damaged in the conflicts that have occurred in this Dark Sector over the eons. In all of these cases, Creator required a Third Dimensional "ground" in order to do this work - in other words, a Third Dimensional Human was needed to hold the energy.


On February 24, we asked Archangel X: What is enabling Creator to do these incredible things? Is it our power combined with his that somehow enables this to occur?


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