The return of light

Elora: It is a glorious time.   Heru

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Elora: It is a glorious time.


Heru: Yes, it is. However, for me to look at this, how would I say it? It's maybe somewhat like the Allied forces walking in and liberating Auswitch. There is a lot of pain there for me to see the extent of devastation and degradation. [Elora: But for those who were in Auswitch, it's still a liberation.] Yes, very much so.


Elora: Marjorie would like you to expand on the sentence from the Book: "When we asked why it would take that long, he replied that it takes time for Humans to change." What kinds of personal, individual changes is he referring to? People (like me) will want to know what they can DO!


Heru: We're looking at very many different groups of people. For someone like Marjorie, the change in her heart has taken place, and her life personally will continue to unfold in a positive manner. As far as the ruling structures of this Planet, the hearts of those who are in power are very hardened. It will take quite a bit of energy for them to fall from power and the power structure to be changed. I am finding at this time I am not at liberty to divulge how it is seen that that will happen, but make no mistake that it will happen. [Elora: The ruling structure and bodies will fall?] Yes. [That will be a great day.] Yes. There will be much rejoicing.



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