The return of light

Elora: What percent Dark is our Universe now?   Heru

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Elora: What percent Dark is our Universe now?


Heru: Things are just so different than they were, I can't say actually. If an area has had the Dark Beings removed, and yet still looks like the remains of a cyclone, is that area Light or Dark? There are no longer Dark Beings there but it is still devastated, so it is still living with the effect of Darkness. Really, things are changing so rapidly that I can't quantify it at this time any more.


Elora: You said that in a years' time the major battles will be complete. Is Earth considered to be a major battle? Yes.


Elora: What progress has been made in the Battle for Earth? We know the Light Warriors started here about December 1, and actually we have found things to be worse since that started, in terms of psychic attack and so on.


Heru: The Ddark has marshaled a very large contingency of Beings and weaponry and reinforcements and so on, in a last ditch effort to maintain control over this Planet - but they are definitely losing ground. It is almost as if they are using themselves as a shield wall where the Fourth Dimensional Frequency Fence around the Planet has disintegrated. So they have just stuffed as many bodies into those breaches as they can to try to keep outside influences from getting through. However as you have seen with Beings like RonYAH, that is not successful. More of the Light from the Omniversal Energy is getting through, enough is getting through that you may pull forward as many and as much of the Light Warrior energy as you are able to hold and sustain. [Elora: The Light Warrior energy or pulling in Beings such as the Konteus?] Both. The energy of the Light Warriors and also bringing them into our world.


If you were to be able to tune in to the Inner Realms, it would look as though the Darkness is still covering the face of the Earth. But a lot of it is smoke and mirrors, and not anywhere near as strong as they would project themselves to be. And so in any given place one may call in as many of these Seventh Wave female Light Warriors to take on an area such as Karen did with Asheville. A large metropolitan area, perhaps, would take three or four of these Beings to accomplish what was done by one here. It is very exciting. I think if there are places in this world where you are wanting this to happen sooner rather than later, you may initiate some of these. I am picturing in particular your Nation's Capitol. It feels to me that to do that area would take perhaps five of these Warriors and millions and millions of First, Second, and Third Wave Light Warriors. So you might actually want to that as a group meditation, to pull them in.


Elora: Is it correct that a Seventh Wave Captain has been assigned to each of the Twelve Critical Planets? Yes.


Elora: Please give us an update on our Solar Logos.


Heru: Steady progress is being made. He is now about 75% Light, maybe even 75, 80%.


Elora: What is happening with the truly Dark Universes? Is anything being done about them yet?


Heru: Before they are dealt with, any of the Beings that have been captured must be rescued. I know you effected a rescue recently, and there are many such prisons in these Dark Universes. Everyone must be rescued out of them before they can be collapsed and that will take a little time. [Elora: Are these Dark Universes being guarded?] Yes, I believe in large part they have been contained and battles are being fought there to maintain control over that containment.


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