The return of light

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HERU – 26 January 2005


Elora: Heru, from your perspective, would you speak about the overall progress that the Light Warriors have made in cleaning up our Universe, and the current state of things in our Universe? How do things look to you?


Heru: I would say as far as the big battles go, it is perhaps between two-thirds to three-quarters complete. There are pockets, fairly large pockets of strong resistance, but they are under siege and either circling the wagons or in retreat. With those large areas where it is felt that there will not be a resurgence of the Darkness or new attacks, we are beginning to have the reclamation crew come in, but we are being somewhat cautious about this as we do not want anyone injured.


What else can I report to you? It is felt that in about a year's time the major battles will be complete, and that the resistance will have been captured and neutralized and taken to a place of reclamation. And what is left to be done is huge, as I'm sure you are aware. The work to come will be fairly long and arduous. Large swaths of this Universe pretty much lie in tatters, and would look not unlike the areas devastated by the Tsunami. Now that is not everywhere, and that is not even maybe the majority. But there are very large areas that have been pretty completely decimated. It will take a great deal of work on many levels to reclaim its original structure and integrity, purity and beauty. However it is doable, that is the good news. [Elora: And the reclamation crew will be doing this work?] Yes, this is not your job. [Or even yours?] I am in more of an advisory role for that.


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