The return of light

Elora: Please give us an update on the Twin Flame Rift. Has any progress been made?   Heru

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Elora: Please give us an update on the Twin Flame Rift. Has any progress been made?


Heru: It is as if much preparation is taking place but no action has yet been launched. I believe it will be launched soon, in the next month or so. There is really nothing to report because it is mostly planning, staging, that kind of thing at this point.


Only in Asheville, only on Earth - By Karen Kirschbaum


It was January 24, 20005. I had just settled down to meditate and had called in my Light Warriors. They were buzzing with excitement. “We want you to do something really big! Do something heroic.”


"But I'm not a hero. I won't overextend my self into something farfetched and foolish," I replied. "Well, you could call in a Seventh Wave Light Warrior to clean up Asheville."


Who are these Light Warriors? They were created by Prime Creator for the sole purpose of eradicating the Darkness that has caused this World and Universe to fall. They were created outside this Creation of a wholly new substance, and the very fabric of their atomic bonds is far stronger than anything in this Creation. This makes them completely impervious to what we term "Darkness" - a non-souled, non-living substance which is antithetical in structure to the basic life inherent in every atom of Creation. The Light Warriors are in the process of cleansing the Darkness not only from Earth but from our entire Universe.


The Light Warriors arrived in our Universe, imbedded in a wave of Light from the Godverse called the Omniversal Energy. This wave of Light first touched Earth on September 5, 2003. The Light Warriors began to uncloak themselves on August 12, 2004. There are seven waves of them, the first three of which are here now, and they are fighting the giant Galactic battles. They are countless in number and they cannot be defeated. It will take about another 12 to 18 months for them to win the battle for Earth, though the complete restoration of Humanity and our Planet will take some time beyond that.


I have called in a couple of hundred of these Light Warriors from the first three waves to guard and protect me as I have drawn a lot of psychic attacks in the last year or two. They have two pairs of wings and look somewhat like Angels, but they feel different. They appear to be made of a pale golden metal with a brilliant diamond at their center. Most of them are on the male side of androgyny and some travel in pairs.


We have been working with Heru, a Creator God best known for his incarnation as Horus in ancient Egypt. I asked him about the Light Warriors' request and he said that this was a good idea. So I did it. I called in a Seventh Wave Light Warrior to clean up Asheville. In response to my call, a huge female Light Warrior appeared! RonYAH is an awesome being who is something like a Valkyrie Warrior Goddess from Norse mythology. She is 500 feet tall with silver wings.


Her voice boomed out, "I claim this space from Mt. Mitchell to Mt. Pisgah as a Sacred Place for God!" Mt. Mitchell touches the Northeast corner of the County where Asheville is located, and Mt. Pisgah is a little beyond the Southwest corner of the County. They are the dominant mountains of this area.


Ron Y AH then began to call in legions of Light Warriors to work on this area. First she called in 500,000 of the First Wave Light Warriors to clear the Astral Realms. Heru told me that this would not change a person's heart, but if a person had hatred in their heart, they would no longer be driven and used by Astral Beings.


Next she called in 750,000 of the Second Wave Light Warriors. These are to clean out all the many Portals in this mountainous region. Heru explained that when these old rounded mountains were as high as the Himalayas, a great Galactic battle was waged in this area and there is a great deal of trauma imbedded in the stones of this area. He showed me that I had been slain here in one of those battles.


Then lastly she called in one million of the Third Wave Light Warriors to go after the many Dark Beings that have been attacking this area. This area has been fought over with great intensity for a very long time due to the thousands of Portals here. Although Asheville is renowned for its light, there is also a lot of dark energy here as well.


After all were assembled, RonYAH formed all of them around her in a star tetrahedron that was half above ground and half below. She then began to rotate this star tetrahedron - churning and digging out the junk we have lived with for eons. After a short time she released the Light Warriors from this form to continue their work on an individual level.


She drew herself up to her full height and began to swing a cord around her head like a biblical sling-shot - whomp, whomp, whomp. At the end of this cord was a mass of the undifferentiated Plasma that God churns out endlessly. This Plasma is used to make up all the stuff of Creation ... Souls, Universes, all matter and so on. The Plasma hurler that RonYAH was using is called a God Bomb. It is being used here to restructure matter on the atomic level to return it to its original purity. She launched many of these and they landed with an explosion of Light.


The next morning dawned with the most crystalline energy, the clearest Light, the deepest energizing peace imaginable. I could still feel her working. I can feel her working now, although it is now much more subtle.


In closing, I have two questions for you. First, can you feel this? Secondly will you


join with me in calling forth as many of these Beings as it takes to clean this Earth of all Dark energies? If your heart answers "Yes", then simply call forth Light Warriors to guard and protect yourself and your friends and family. You may also connect with Prime Creator, in whatever manner is most natural to you, and call for more of the Seventh Wave female Light Warriors (who are known collectively as the Konteus) to work with your particular area. The Konteus will not arrive en masse until the Seventh Wave reaches our Universe approximately next December, but due to divine intervention it is possible to call a certain number of these Beings forth prior to that time.


These are the days of hope and glory. For those of us who wish to be heroes, this is the time when focused energy and intention, even from one person, can make a huge difference.


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