The return of light

Heru: That is correct. [Elora

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Heru: That is correct. [Elora: What impact is he having?] He has, up until this point, deflected some major attacks from the Fourth through to the Seventh dimensional ET's. Therefore you would not feel it in a positive way yet, but he has deflected some very large ships and weapons and so on.


Elora: Are the battles still very much raging?


Heru: Yes, they are. [Elora: And are the Light Warriors overall very successful?] Yes. Atarpa is in the process of calling in a really gigantic Legion of Third Wave Light Warriors, overwhelming numbers of them. It is felt that this will really be the turning point in this battle. They should be arriving here 4 to 6 weeks from now [i.e. late February to early March 2005], and at that point I believe it will become a rout.


Elora: This brings up a question. A couple of places in the channelings, you state that now the Light Warriors are here, we could sort of sit back, keep a low profile, and just wait for the Universe to be cleared. However, I find that I can't seem to do that. I've been working on various projects, like calling in Seventh Wave Light Warrior Captains and such. Are these unnecessary heroics?


Heru: It is more a matter of time, of when more than if. And, my dear, I would state that you do heroic things because you are indeed a hero, and that is the way you work. It would be against your nature to do anything else. So it is perhaps harder for you to relax and do nothing than to come up with more ideas to bring the Light faster. Does it work? Of course. Is it needed? It is a yes and a no. Every moment that goes by that someone is imprisoned is a lifetime to them. As in the case with M's daughter, would she have been rescued eventually? Yes. Might it have been six months or a year from now? Yes, and she had been there for a very long time. On the one hand you may say, in a million years what's another three months? And on the other hand you may say that every moment is a torture. So the Darkness cannot be removed soon enough; each Being that is imprisoned cannot be rescued soon enough. [Elora: That's how I feel.] Yes, I know it is.


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