The return of light

Chapter EIGHTEEN: Update 1 - January 2005

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Chapter EIGHTEEN: Update 1 - January 2005

UPDATE: 20 January 2005


Elora: Good day Heru. We would like to begin gathering some material for an Update. Let's start with the status of the various Dark Grids. How much remains of the Eleventh Dimensional Dark Grid?


Heru: 40%. [Elora: The Sixth Dimensional Grid?] About 30% remains. [Elora: And the Fourth Dimensional Grid around Earth itself?] It is still about 70% intact, but the fact that it is even breached at all is big news. [Elora: What about the Great Wall around the Fallen Sector: how much of it remains at this time?] 60%.


Elora: Please speak about the “Heart of Darkness” and its relation to the earthquake in the Far East, which caused such damage due to the tsunami.


Heru: The “Heart of Darkness” was an implant that was a very unpleasant thing. If I may describe it - and pardon for even bringing it into words - it was something between a mechanical device and a Reptilian living thing together. It sought to reach the heart of Gaia, the heart of the living Being that animates this Planet. And had it done so, this Planet would have died. It was seen that there was going to be a large movement of the Earth's plates and that this would be a prime opportunity to remove that implant. Therefore it was removed at that time. It did not cause the earthquake, it was more that this opening gave the Light Warriors the opportunity to go and in and remove that thing. I would ask any readers to really connect with the heart of Earth and feel the difference since then. I think many of you who are somewhat sensitive will be able to sense the greater Light that is there.


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