The return of light

Rashona: I believe they are. [Elora

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Rashona: I believe they are. [Elora: Please explain the physical reactions we might have with your clearing, and why we would have them.] It appears that it would follow the same pattern that you would have in taking medicinal substances on the Third Dimensional level, herbs and such.


Elora: Regarding the Light Warriors who are acting as ongoing Personal Guardians, can they create an energetic "bubble" around the person they are guarding, and can they keep that bubble free of pathogens and Dark-related toxins?


Rashona: Yes. You would ask your Personal Guardians, exactly as you said, to create a bubble around you, a shield. And you can actually ask that that shield be made up of the armies of Micro Warriors. Then specify what you want to be protected from - viruses, bacteria, pollutants, etc. In this way you will be much less susceptible to these pathogens. Also, the people who are quite susceptible to these pathogens have a resonance in their bodies to these pathogens, and it would be most helpful to address that as well. The resonance itself is not a microorganism, and it could be removed by your Human sized Warriors.


To create this shield, for example, you may state: "1 call upon my Light Warriors to create a spherical shield around my physical form, containing sufficient Micro Light Warriors to guard me from Dark related pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, etc." and list what you would like to be protected from. Then continue, "And I ask that this shield remain in place at all times until such time as I release it."


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