The return of light

Rashona: Yes, you could.   Elora

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Rashona: Yes, you could.


Elora: Can you remove Ddarkness and negative programming on aa cellular and DNA level?


Rashona: Micro Light Warriors would be used for this.


Elora: How do we set parameters so that your work does not go too fast for us?


Rashona: I would say that, especially for those of you who have fragile constitutions and compromised immune systems, ask the Light Warriors to proceed only at a speed that will not diminish a person's total vitality. That will protect against a healing crisis. The Light Warriors have the ability to monitor and control the intensity of the work in that way.


Let's take someone with a weakened immune system, who asked for help with candida. This would not be an overnight process, for if done at that speed it would surely cause a person enough distress that they would be bedridden. You would call in the appropriate Light Warriors to work on this problem on an ongoing basis, at a pace that will not lessen the person's overall vitality. It might take weeks or even months to accomplish. And I would suggest in a more long- term chronic situation like this, that the person would want to call upon and reinforce the intent of this group of microscopic warriors, perhaps on a weekly basis.


Elora: In clearing our cells of Darkness and toxins, why would we go into a healing crisis, since it would seem the toxins are not being dumped into our blood stream? Or are they?


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